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Question …

The KS Board held a meeting in Topeka about 2-3 weeks ago and I wanted to find out if anybody attended. I’m told that the Terms for Jeff Barnes the ASHI inspector from Wichita and the attorney from Witchita (both KS Board Members) were up last fall (Nov - Jan??) and neither was either reappointed NOR are serving another term.

#1 - The realtor on the KS Board has been replaced with a RE Appraiser out of the KC area, but I’m told neither the attorney or Jeff has been replaced yet. Does anyone know if thats true or not.

#2 - I was also told that Mr Barnes made some sort of motion at the Topeka Board meeting that they make him the Home Inspection Registration Boards executive something (the KS Board has no employees at this time … answering machine in accountants office we’re told). Does anyone know if thats true or not.

#3 - I was told Mr Barnes also raised some motion at Topeka that certain FHA type inspectors be made to be licensed as home inspectors. I was not there so don’t have clue if thats true or not, BUT anybody thats a HUD Fee Inspector knows that we’re not doing a home inspection by anybodys SoP BUT a compliance inspection using the HUD-92051 form (NOT home inspection).

AND on a 203k project the plan reviewer AND consultant are NOT doing a home inspection BUT writing a work order or specification of repairs, which is NOT a home inspection. In a 203k job there may be a home inspection by the consultant or other party (if so that part could be a licensed home inspector if needed). I was told Mr Barnes was asking the AG office to ??? (write letters OR whatever to HUD and FHA roster people telling to quit). Does anyone know if this is true or not.

Other question I had was why if the attorney & Jeff Barnes terms are up, why would he be introducing motions or seemingly running the pack.

I see licensing is going well in Kansas.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just another example of how certain people want to continue control.

I was never informed of this meeting, as many others were not also.

Just as in politics, it is all about getting re-elected and retaining control.

It is not, and will never be, about helping consumers. These laws in Kansas, as well as many other states, are worthless. The SOP’s being used are not worth the paper they are written on. It is all about the RE associations continuing the dumbing-down of our profession with soft, basic, cheap reports, all allowed by these laws.

http://www.nachi.org/forum/f14/missouris-10th-anniversary-71448/ Post #2.

These home inspection laws should sunset, and go away, in 2013. The next legislative session will be interesting.

Sad how I have not been invited to any meeting, or asked to be served on the board, as Senator Brownlee asked me in 2009.

The lobbyists and special interest groups have their finger up the governor’s you know what.

Gary -

You fill out forms and volunteer to Governors office to serve.

I have NOT received a notice of meetings like we used to get by email. What I understand they now do is meet the law by posting it on their web site under Board activities and I guess its up to us to get on the site every so often.

BUT it sure makes meetings go smoother if you don’t have a bunch of cry babies like us there asking questions.

Keep up the good work we need Homies in all areas who are continually trying to improve our Industry .
Thanks for posting info for all to see much appreciated … Roy


Applying for a board seat is like giving up your life. No pay, you have to file a finanical statement, etc. Not much is private if you volunteer. After reading the site above, you understand why few people offer their services for free. Why Barnes continues to be involved in this board is only political in nature, IMO, and not in the best interest of home buyers.


I am speechless. Now we have two appraisers on the board, whom know little if anything about home inspections, and do not have to be licensed, educated about any components of a home, and are exempt from any home inspector law, rule or requirement. And now we have six members instead of 5; Mr. Barnes is now “executive chairman”.

How this happened is beyond my understanding. It is not even funny anymore.


Realtors lead the way in lobbyist spending in Kansas.