Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board

Somebody told me yesterday that Jeff Barnes the past Chairman of the Board has stepped totally away from any contact with the Board.

Anybody heard if this is true or not.

Right after the original licensing went into effect in Kansas there were 2-3 committee’s set up but Jeff dismissed them or quit using them shortly after licensing went into effect. I don’t believe we’ve had any committee’s out there since then, just more or less 1 man running the show … so this might be a good thing.

Have not heard anything. I hope it is true.

Now the governor of Kansas needs to replace the appraisers that are on the board with proper, professional home inspectors.

Until this happens, Kansas HI laws, SOP’s, rules and regulations are, and will continue to be, worthless.

He’s history.

Rumor has it part of the reason JB left had something to do with some girl named Molly. Wonder who she is …

The last a heard Molly was a member of NACHI.:mrgreen:

Another thing, I never knew Kansas even had a home inspection licensing board left.

That’s actually true. I told that story to your Governor (not the one that appointed him). I also explained how Jeff Barnes issued himself license #1 before anyone could apply for a license, and then exploited that he was the first and only licensed home inspector in Kansas in an attempt to profit from his public office. These diploma mill ASHI members are real scumbags.

Well good golly, Ms Molly … Forgive my crude, rude language BUT it makes one wonder if MS Molly likes it “dog style”??

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Nathan -

For general info, we had fought licensing back in Kansas for 4 years without Mr Barnes using contacts and tactics we did not share with him or the “Lets Go Get Licensed” ASHI Faction in Kansas. Then him and 3 other ASHI members in Wichita set up a Corp … Called it KAREI (Kansas Association of Real Estate Inspectors) and told the Realtors they were the VOICE of all Kansas Home Inspectors AND basically since licensing was INEVITABLE bent over the sofa and raised their skirts for the realtors, trial attorneys, etc AND away we went.

One other thing … JB did NOT get the Bill to limit our liability to $2,000. He negotiated with realtors, trial attorneys and legislators and they were talking about $10,000 to $25,000 liability for the Bill.

I drove to Topeka and spent 5 days with the Senate Committee and after much talking and justification got it dropped … By the way during those snowy 5 days I / ME / MYSELF was the ONLY inspector there talking. JB was NOT at those meetings for some reason.

He was actually a little mad I had gotten that change BECAUSE he couldn’t get it.

One other thing … In Missouri using much same tactics and with help from Bushart, NAHI, NACHI, James Braun, the home builders, rural legislators, some ASHI inspectors, consumer groups, etc we’ve held LICENSING’s ugly head back for 10 straight years. I have total faith we could have done the same in Kansas except for the ASHI / KAREI group and Jeff Barnes.

Don’t blame ASHI, blame those who fund it.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This tells it all.

This is what is happening with every ASHI inspection performed in Kansas. Every legislator should get a copy of this. And the governor should do what he needs to do: sunset the law.

It is really criminal what is going on here in Kansas, and ruins the integrity of the CMI designation, and every honest HI in Kansas: what few that are left anyway. The NAR should step into the KAR, and even the KBI should do some investigating here.

Why the other board members did not do or say anything tells me that they are just as corrupt as he is. They all should be removed, and the laws, the board, rules and regulations should be abolished.

I have said it many times on this message board.

Gary writes:

Consumers should look for the ASHI logo to avoid inspectors who display it.

Why you can’t turn that into a “you get what you pay for” marketing campaign is beyond me! It’s not slander, you didn’t write it.

That is why I posted it. James Bushart, yes that one, brought it to my attention. I could not resist to post it, since I did not write it.

Every RE agent and office broker throughout Kansas/Missouri areas should read this Yelp review, and realize the damage they are doing to home buyers by suggesting ASHI inspectors, especially in Kansas.

They should not any longer use, or suggest, ASHI inspectors. Period.

As Dan said, I also discussed the limit of liability amount with then Senator David Wysong at a hearing. I told him my deductable on my E&O was $2,000, so he suggested that LOL amount. Most all of the legislators that put these laws into play, even the Govenor, are no longer in their political positions.

Gary talked about his E&O deductible. When I went before the Senate, I took 14 brochures from local MECHANICAL home warranty companies that showed their 1 yr warranty’s cost from $385-$450 and had a $2,000 to $2,500 MAXIMUM payout (for all total payouts) in any year AND if you wanted MORE insurance AFTER the 1st year YOU BOUGHT it.

I then pointed out that the realtors and attornies were trying to get us to take up to 10 times that for several years for 1 fee (our original inspection fee) on EVERYTHING in the house.

I then also produced the papers showing 3 cases in Kansas that went to the state appealate court for different type businesses STATING that a business in Kansas CAN limit their liability in dollars, time, etc to the customer thru use of a PRE-SIGNED agreement and contract AND the law as written could be UNENFORCEABLE per the 3 precedents.

Thats when Senator Wysong made concessions for us. He was reasonable

Kansas Home Inspection laws were approved 102 to 17 today. Almost no opposition. Home buyers will now continue to get basic home inspections by law. Sad for them. The laws will now become permanent.

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