Kansas Home Inspector Board Announced

Here is the link to the Governor of Kansas announcement of the new Kansas Home Inspectors Board members.

Just go to www,kansas.gov click on press releases, then click on October 2, 2008



So The Kansas Board has been appointed - Its real cool. Good Balance.

1 Realtor from KC,
1 Trial Attorney from Wichita (specializing in RE, const, etc),
2 ASHI / KAREI home inspectors (from Wichita & west Kansas), and
1 guy from Topeka nobody knows that we’re told mostly does environmental inspections and dabbles a little in home inspections (can’t find him on any National Assoc Sites - NACHI, ASHI or NAHI).

I thought HI’s were to belong to a national assoc??? Maybe I’m wrong

Well this will be GOOD for us with a Realtor & Attorney to track our progress and report back to their associations on what we do, discuss etc

Kinda humorous - All it would ever take to CARRY any vote is 3 votes - such as: 1 Realtor, 1 Attorney and 1 USER FRIENDLY home inspector


But we control our own destiny, RIGHT.

Over 15 years ago Ralph Nader spoke at an ANNUAL seminar for ASHI. Ralph made a very interesting point - that was on the lines like:

"Guys, theres a whole lot of special interests fighting you, especially the Realtors. They have more people, more money and more political influence. As soon as they get you INSIDE the corral, you’re theirs for life.

You as home inspectors are the publics last defense - fight off regulation and control as long as you can possibly do so".

This was a moving speech to me. I took it to heart. Others in our ranks started the line of:

"“Well we don’t see a demonstrated need for licensure, but if you special interests / Non-Home Inspector groups think its inevitable we’d certainly like to work with youse realtors and trial attorneys, etc to make it more meaningful”

Thats when we started getting screwed BIG-TIME



Tell Nick. He’ll have it changed.

If I were a customer looking for a home inspector, I would ask:

How many inspections have you performed? In the last year?
What is your home inspection back ground?
What makes you a good home inspector?
Do you, or are you, familiar with termites, radon, mold?

Were these questions asked of the board members? I believe most of them will have a lot to learn.

Isn’t this just peachy. It appears that one of the new board members has had past politicsl aspirations. I pulled an email from the KCRAR about the background on Board Member Regan, interesting read.

Didn’t make it through the election process, so why not have the good democrat Govenor appoint a good ole boy to the board. Bam! one year later guess what. Let him create a little havoc in background, earn a big “BS” for his tee shirt and let him run again in two years as the “Buyers Savior” and continue on in politics. This board has been short sheeted to the inspector and the long slow screw is starting already. This is just again another ploy by KAR, Trial attorney’s and Barnes to take control of the state. Non biased? I think not!! Oh BTW, this email was sent to the power people in the KC metro RE market.

Ralph Pimentel, Jr., Topeka, KS

We found him. One of the Topeka guys thats retired now knew him from way back.

Although he’s a low profile guy today and most new guys don’t know him, he was actually doing these 15-18 years ago out that way.

WE should be Good to go now …

Hows This