Kansas Home Inspectors Web Site Changes

In the past 2 days I had a real estate agent and another inspector call asking how they can check if a home inspector is licensed or not.

I sent them to the Kansas Home Inspectors Board Web Site …


They called back saying NOTHING was there. I thought they must be on the wrong site, etc so I went on myself. They’re right.

The site has been altered or changed, etc. There was all kind of links to sections out of the Bill, etc BUT no list of who is OR who is not registered.

Other changes were there also, like it no longer tells an inspector how to get CE credit or which associations, etc are approved.

Anybody heard what happened to the site.

I’ve also heard that at least 1 of the Board Members is almost unreachable … Whats up over there?

Maybe the snakes are going away…hmmmmmmmmm;)

Dan, I have passed this information along to the appropriate persons.

I am sure this was just an honest mistake. Taken into account the professionalism of the home inspection board itself, I am guessing it was just an over-sight. Apparently someone missed something, or deleted it on purpose in order to please the client.

Way to go, St. Patrick. Drive them into Texas. TREC can always use more.

Guys –
Regarding the Kansas HI-Web Site changes and removing the list of state registered home inspectors. I’m told that Jeff Barnes was just as surprised as the rest of us at the loss of content on the website, and had nothing to do with its removal.
AND the person who has volunteered to keep the site up to date lacks the authority to make that kind of change. It seems to just be a web glitch of some kind and not some deliberate act.
Regarding the upcoming Board meeting; Jeff has indicated he wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible that there would be a Board meeting coming soon. He’s aware the committee has some issues to discuss, but the agenda has not been fully decided yet. He plans on sending something out a week or two before the meeting announcing exactly what will be covered. We’re told one of the primary items to be discussed is setting up a committee for hearing and handling complaints, and establishing guidelines on how violations of rules, SoP, etc would be dealt with.

I see the KHIRB site home inspector listing is back up.