Kansas House Bill 2315

Kansas House Bill 2315, requiring home inspector registration was killed in Committee on Wednesday, February 21, 2007.

Good news indeed! Hopefully this wasn’t a procedural move for another bill.

Congratulations, Kansas.:smiley:

But Buck are you sure? How can this be? I think I heard at Cabella’s last fall that this was inevitable, a done deal, etc, etc.

You should check with your slanted friends over at ASHI, Dan! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

All licensing is inevitable…dontcha know?:wink:

Seems I’ve heard that one somewhere before…:-k :smiley:

Now lets see if Washington can do it, bet they can’t… No go-nads… uppps did I just start something… Now onto Missouri and get the chaos started there, let see, Boliver, MO isn’t that down around Dave Bushs territory… Maybe some Jayhawkers can make a raid or two

You shouldn’t have to do anything at all in MO, Pat. Jim Bushart is there. Can you imagine licensing getting instituted in MO?? :shock:

Hey…it could happen. ASHI is presently working with the real estate hawkers to get a bill written by a fellow named Parsons, a rep in the Missouri House. Their meetings are clandestine and are reported after-the-fact in the flyers published by the MAR. They are doing a good job at flying under the radar…any help you guys can render is appreciated. Chaos rules!!!

Patrick, Bolivar isn’t far. I tried talking to Parsons last year, he is an ***. I will talk to my representative again, she sits on the Professional Regulation Committee.

I’m sure that that the new ASHI Association (MAHI) I believe it from around the St. Louis area is putting a lot of energy into the MO bill from the sounds of it. Also I understand that the Great Pains ASHI group is tied up into it as well with a trainer from Leavenworth backing it full hilt which by the way is a NACHI member as well…, If you need help sending emails to legislators in MO, let me know… Wasnt Parsons the Sheriff in that area around Boliver for years???
OH Yeah, I Forgot… CHAOS RULES…

Patrick, yes he was the sheriff whose (I think) dispatcher had a bad inspection, later determined to be a termite inspection. The primary push behind that is not only from St. Louis, but down South of Springfield from Nixa. I will get the emails for the two representatives that we spoke in length with last year.

Parson is also on the Professional Regulation Committee. Is your rep a Democrat? It would help.

Dave, I think I know who you are talking about from Nixa, was it Bruce Adams (ASHI)?