Kansas House Speaker has conflicts with Kansas Association of Realtors

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The Star’s Topeka correspondent

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TOPEKA | Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal will be asked to testify next week before a legislative panel investigating a conflict of interest complaint filed against him.
The lawmaker who filed the complaint, House Minority Leader Paul Davis, a Lawrence Democrat, is set to testify before the panel today.
The panel is looking into O’Neal’s work as an attorney representing a coalition of business groups in a lawsuit challenging a legislative budgeting decision. Democratic lawmakers filed the complaint, arguing O’Neal’s legal work is at odds with his role as the top House lawmaker.
O’Neal, a Hutchinson Republican, maintains that he did nothing wrong and that no rules bar lawmakers who are lawyers from taking cases against the state.
The lawsuit challenges a 2009 legislative decision, which O’Neal opposed, to use money from professional regulatory funds to help balance the budget. O’Neal’s clients, including the Kansas Bankers Association and Kansas Association of Realtors, represent professionals who pay dues to support the funds.
The six-member panel — three Republicans and three Democrats — will recommend to the full House any possible punishment.

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Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/03/17/1819800/kansas-house-speaker-being-asked.html#ixzz0iXHDN1Su

Same reporter who carried our other story with the Star. Good guy. See post #10.

I knew that sometime in the future that some sort of investigation would happen in Topeka, just not at this level. Home inspection laws were railroaded through the Kansas legislature, and for no known reason, by Mr. Brunk, who is a realtor himself, and the blessing of Mr. Luke Bell, a lobbyist for the KAR. The process should be fully investigated on how this came about. There were many conflicts of interest in this process. The sunset rule was placed into the home inspection bill by Senator Wysong. The rule has the home inspection laws expire in 2013. Perhaps that needs to be implemented now. With investigations starting and Sentator Wysong unexpectedly resigning in Dec. of 2009, I believe these conflicts go much deeper in Topeka. I am glad that the comments by all home inspectors in Kansas by this message board, articles by this KC star reporter, and letters written to the lawmakers, that our efforts may be finally paying off.

I agree, KC Star needs more reporters like him.