Kansas in Financail Trouble

Here is a real news flash:

The state of Kansas can not AFFORD to have state inspectors checking the sanitation conditions of it hotels and motel rooms. Why, the state does not have the funds.

However Kansas has the resources for this needed HI bill

Now I ask you if the state of Kansas wants to protect the cunsumer is it better to

A. provide clean and safe motel rooms


B. license home inspectors

Would inspecting hotel rooms fall under commercial or home inspections?

I wonder if all of the travel agencies and travel networks will start sending out travel advisories to visitors planning on staying overnight in this great state. Tourist warning, all travelers planning on staying at a motel in Kansas should be advised that due to governmental cut-backs it is highly advised that you bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. Along with a large can of disinfectant and drinking glasses. It is also advised that eating at these establishments could be hazardous to your health. We’re sorry for any inconvience that this may impose on you or your health, but we have more important smaller fish to fry and can not be held responsible for your personal health safety while visiting the Sunflower State.

I think an honest warning would read like this…

WARNING to all Visitors:

The motel that you are sleeping in was built in a county with no minimum standards for safety or engineering. The contractors who built it were not required to be trained and their work was not inspected.

Assuming that you are still alive and have reached the second paragraph of this warning, you should be aware that the wet spot on the bed covering is not necessarily indicative of a roofing or plumbing issue.

Have a nice stay.

…and there’s rat poop in your sandwich. :mrgreen:


I have been invited to the Dollars and Homes radio show on Sunday, December 12th at 1:00 P.M. Be ready. KCMO 710 A.M. in KC.

Gary…can I suggest that you limit your message so that it hits home and hits hard? Email me with your thoughts.