Kansas SOP Committee meeting on June 24. Public comment prohibited.

If you are receiving this message it is because you have asked to be notified of any activity of the Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board, or you are on the contact list for someone who has ask for information.

The Standards of Practice Committee will be having another meeting at 2:00 pm on June 24th at the office of Board member Ed Robinson
Morris, Laing, Evans, Broch & Kennedy
300 N. Mead, Ste 200
Wichita, KS
As always, the Board encourages any interested persons to attend, however this is a working meeting for the committee and the floor will not be opened for public comment. The Board has discussed at two Board meetings the following process for implementation of the SOP:

  1. The SOP committee is made up of 6 members, 3 in the northeast Kansas area and 3 in Wichita.
  2. The Northeast Kansas members developed the model language for the SOP as a frame work for the Board to work from.
  3. The Wichita area members will continue the progress working with the material produced by the Northeast members.
  4. The Wichita area members will submit the revised version to the full Board and Northeast Kansas members for review and post the SOP on our official web site (www.ksinspectors.org) for review by all interested persons.
  5. The Board shall call a Board meeting to discuss the SOP and will provide time for all interested persons to provide comment. A second meeting may be called for the Wichita area to provide an opportunity for interested persons in other areas of the state to provide comment.
  6. The next steps will be determined after the Board meeting.

On a different note. Questions have been raised regarding why the Board is using a blogging site for our official web site. The answer is simple, money. The web address www.ksinspectors.org is our permanent address, but the hosting site was selected for temporary use, as it is free, and the Board is totally fee funded, meaning we will have no money to pay a hosting company until after the first of next year. The Board felt it was very important that we provide a bulletin board to post the activities of the Board and future events. I hope this answers your questions.

Jeff Barnes, Chair

InterNACHI has researched the backgrounds of each Committee member and has determined that none of them have any expertise in Standards of Practice development.

You will notice that the chairman admits that lack of funding is an issue. However, the chairman has rejected InterNACHI’s offers to provide free, expert assistance to the SOP committee.

Perhaps, with your and Mr. Cohen’s relationship with and assurances from the new Governor, another letter would be in order.

The senator who expressed his shock and dismay that a trial attorney would have a place on the HI licensing board will be even more surprised to learn of his role in writing the SOP. Is this not a conflict of interest, since one of the services of an SOP is to PROTECT the inspector from being sued — and that lawsuits are how the attorney makes his living? I mean, is it reasonable to expect that the attorney is working to reduce his potential for income in this endeavor? I don’t think so.

Add his bias to the ASHI bias already demonstrated by removing the NACHI and NAHI members from those who are writing the SOP…and it will be very difficult to find a Kansas HI (who, unlike me, actually bothers to participate with the licensing process) capable of passing a tapered stool for years.

One more thing…

Before we place too much of the blame on Jeff Barnes, let us not forget that the governor of Kansas placed two other home inspectors on that licensing board. If they do not support the sinister manner in which Barnes has been conducting business…and all they do is leak it out for others to discuss and address…they are as useless as an Infra-Red Camera Class for Stevie Wonder.

If you are reading this, Kansas Licensing Board Members, you have a duty to report back to your congress who empowered you and the governor who appointed you, and let them know of the shady affairs that are taking place. You are in the position to do something and you do not have to stick your hands in your pockets and look the other way. That’s the attitude that got you this insane licensing law in the first damned place.

Kansas Attorney General

Steve Six
Memorial Hall Second Floor
120 SW 10th Street
Topeka, KS 66612

Fax 785-296-6296

What would happen if no home inspectors would register for licensing in Kansas? No money, no enforcement. I am not on the list, and therefore will not be informed to register or apply for license. The state can provide the board with a web link on their site. Mr. B wants to be independent, and totally in control. He, and the board, will not be in control of me. My rights and freedoms as a small business owner in Kansas will not be comprimised. I have informed several media outlets, and have finally had some responses. These laws, the way they were brought about, the rules and regulations of the board, IMO, are all a disgrace to the whole home inspection industry.

I simply, and may never will, understand why all of these “people” are volunteering their time and are doing this for free? What do they have to gain? Why have laws if you have no money to enforce or implement them? Why is the state staying away? Don’t they have any say in this?

I am ready to move to Missouri, or just become a real estate agent in Kansas and perform home inspections for my buyers and not have to abide by any home inspection laws in Kansas. I can double-dip with the best of them.

Now there is an idea worth looking into… Most used (even new) house salespersons I know or have seen in action are not worth their salt in selling or don’t have a clue in how to neogiate a deal with any responsibility…:wink:


Problem solved.

Take the real estate test, pass it…become a realtor who is exempt from licensing. Do home inspections as a Kansas realtor who is also exempt from E&O. Moon Jeff Barnes from your truck.

Excellent idea.