Kansas Taxpayers Carry the Costs for HI Registration Law

Well, we are a week after the filing deadline and the prediction made by Jeff Barnes and his real estate sales accomplices (who fleeced the Kansas legislature with a law with no demonstrated need) that there were enough home inspectors to carry the financial burden to the state…was false.

93 registered home inspectors as of 1/6/10, many of whom are struggling to stay in business until Spring.


What does this have to do with the Kansas Taxpayer???

Yep. I believe the KAR predicted about 250 to 300 inspectors would register. I also hear that the state of Kansas will cut funding to one of my favorite charities, the Olathe Temporary Lodging for Children. About a $5000,000 cut. If the state cuts that funding, and gives Mr. Barnes one dollar, all lawmakers will hear from me.

Senator Brownlee told me personally that she saw no reasons not to join, and that it would not hurt my business. I have one inspection scheduled so far this month; in Missouri. I cannot survive on that, and I have been in business for 8 years. I know that we are all suffering here in Kansas.

Perhaps if Mr. Barnes wants money, he needs to look at the KAR for assistance. Wouldn’t that be an ethics violation?


Is it slow because of the BILL???

It is probably a combo of the weather, economy, etc. No Kansas calls as yet. Just sticking it out, typing, and taking NACHI CE’s, end of year tax stuff, up-dating web site, marketing plan, all that stuff you can’t do in the spring. Man, I have lived here for over 50 years, and cannot remember the last time it was this cold, for this long.

Thursday will be -30 below!! with blowing snow!!! Not even going to the gym on Thursday!!

It is going to be a killer. I hope my kid’s vehicles start; they have so far. I cannot believe that Missouri schools are all closed, and Kansas schools are still open. Oh, the weather outside is frightfull…

Who is going to have to make up the difference that Barnes quoted at being able to be self sufficient at 40 - 50,000.00? If they get 100 inspectors signed up its not going to be enough. So then what? An emergency session to up the licensing rates and a little extra sur-tax to be levied?

I just heard that KCKS public schools are out of money and short of paying teacher salaries. I think Kansas could use this $20,000 that Mr. Barnes just collected.

Lawmakers should have included engineers, appraiers, insurance agents, home builders, and every repair person that is recommended by RE agents. That would have solved some of the state’s budget problems.

Opps. KCKS, Gardner, Shawnee Mission schools closed tomorrow. More blowing snow. Perhaps I can take my snow blower around and make some boat money. Schools are already closing, and it hasn’t started snowing yet.

Lawmakers should have pulled their heads out and nixed this whole ridiculous mess to begin with.

The weather is the business killer right now - not the inspector registration.
I haven’t talked to a single local agent who knows or cares anything about the new law.
I called the State of KS yesterday to inquire about some of the discrepancies in the wording of the law, and to find out the status of the law while it’s being corrected.
I got transferred to no less than 4 Dept’s., always with the same result (they had no idea what I was talking about - but wanted to transfer me to someone else who ‘might’ know), and was eventually given the phone number to the Councilors office at K-State to see what they might know about it, you know, for people who might want to become a home inspector.
I know this has been said before, but I can’t find anyone at the State level who knows or cares anything about this law. There appears to be no oversight whatsoever.
I’m no fan of Government to begin with, so this type of clusteruknowwhat drives me a little crazy, but it makes me laugh too.

The board chairman is over-sighting himself. I wonder where the money is all going? Who is the accountant, and who is watching him? Who handles the check book? It makes you wonder what these lawmakers are thinking. I am going to vote for the guy who is NOT in office, always. That, will be change that I can believe in.

So what’s the solution?
Letters and phone calls don’t seem to be working, so really the only other option is disobedience, which seems to be the route that several hundred Inspectors have taken…

Hopefully, you will be joining us in Jefferson City on 1/14/10 to help us stop the spread of this disease at the border…

I plan on going - not to get too personal, but my Grandfather is in the hospital right now, and his prognosis changes daily. Obviously a turn for the worse could keep me here, but otherwise I’ll be there.

Here’s to your grandfather’s recovery, first, resulting in your presence. It will be great to have so many of us in one spot. We used to have training meetings with our NACHI chapter in St. Louis, but not since '06.

Guys this misleading gossip you’re putting out has got to stop.

To start with I personally was in Senate legislative meetings where Senators Karen Brownlee and Senator Susan Waggle brought up the fact that they SAW no demonstrated need for this HI Bill, AND had seen NO sort of FISCAL reports on running another Board in Kansas. That nice Lobbyist (Luke Bell) explained about all the problems with UNREGULATED inspectors in Kansas MANY times.

I testified that I had talked to Board members of Home Inspection Boards in several other states and had been assured that they needed $80k or so to run and administer a SMALL Board at a minimum level.

Apparently I was wrong, because in Kansas as the Realestators Lobbyist (Luke Bell) and Jeff Barnes testified to the Senate / They had checked with several other small Boards in Kansas and we could easily run a small Board on somewhere between $20K to $40k per year and with 200-300 home inspectors that would provide $40,000 to $60,000 a year to RUN the new HI Board at NO COST to the taxpayers of our state.

Again, in estimating the number of home inspectors in Kansas - I was apparently very wrong because I testified that with the downturn in the economy I had counted NACHI, NAHI, ASHI Inspectors then thrown in a percentage for “Don’t Belong To Nothing” inspectors AND figured we would have well less than 200 inspectors.

BUT again the Realestators Lobbyist and Mr Barnes had a better handle on this and indicated closer to 300 after the downturn.

I’m sure when its all worked out they’ll be on the target. That Realestator Lobbyist was sharp. Heck I didn’t even know that basically everyone but home inspectors involved in real estate in Kansas carried E&O insurance EXCEPT for home inspectors (the real estate agents, builders, lenders, appraisers, engineers, etc). He testified several times to the legislators that everyone else took financial responsibility EXCEPT home inspectors, AND nobody else but US used those sleazy “Limit of Liability Clauses”.

Gosh was I really embarrassed to learn the REAL truth about US. I could sure understand why it was so NECESSARY to get us LICENSED.

You’re right Dan - we are BAD! Do you think if paid double the registration fee it would make up for all the little ol ladies that I’ve ripped off by not doing the work that I told them I was going to do?

Oh wait…that wasn’t me, I must have been thinking of those other guys…:wink:

I wonder who are the legislatures going to listen too now, the ones who said there was not enough inspectors to regulate or the ones who lied and gave exploited numbers. The legislatures need to understand if a group gets caught lying about one thing, how many other things are they lying about?
The Kansas inspectors need to point out that this bill is not going to work to every legislature so the legislatures are aware what has happened, that they were dooped of by KAR and A$HI. It needs to be pointed out that if this bill goes through that their voters will not appreciate how much it is going to cost Kansas voters. That taking away monies from already unfunded, but needed, programs just to regulate a few home inspectors (which has not be proven a need to be regulated in the first place) is the wrong thing to do.
The vote for the cleanup bill is coming up so there is no time to waste!

SB 329 is still in play; we need to keep an eye out for this bill if, and when, it comes up.