Kansas to approve 5 pre-registration education providers.

InterNACHI, being the first to apply for pre-registration education provider approval, assumes its application is one of the five being discussed for approval.

Is there a betting line open in Vegas??

Barnes does not have the balls to turn down NACHI course when the whole world is watching his abuses of power and self enrichment. He knows that the Kansas City Star is waiting for the outcome, as well…should he follow his pattern.

And he better not use the old “InterNACHI does not hold classroom courses” lie either. InterNACHI produces curriculum and textbooks for more inspection training classrooms than any other organization in the world.

The Board confirmed that we were the first to apply for approval. We trust Jeff will not permit any of his cronies to “jump ahead in line.”

I can see CE but not Pre. Not gonna happen

Why not? They are the same courses that Kansas already approved for CE. See www.nachi.org/pre.htm

We already have plans to teach our pre-licensing courses in several cities throughout Kansas and no Johnny come lately educator applicants better jump ahead of us in line.

Your friend in Leavenworth has it first, locked in from day one in the planning stages. Who’s second is anybody’s guess. I don’t think we’ll be accepted.

Barnes’ decision to exclude on-line education from pre-licensing is arbitrary and is not consistent with major colleges offeringpre-licensing training in on-line degree programs throughout the United States.

If or when he formally implements his prejudicial ban on the use of NACHI’s courses I think Nick should immediately act.

Paul predicts:

If Barnes was acting fairly, as his appointed public position requires, that would be a ridiculous prediction as it would be impossible for you or anyone else to have any idea as to who would be approved first.

What you are saying is that Barnes is so corrupt that his acts have become predictable… like Iran’s President predicting he will win re-election unanimously.

Well how about that!!! Iran’s President was correct, he DID get re-elected unanimously. Who could have predicted that?

Now let’s see if InterNACHI’s application, first in line for approval, gets lost again and if Paul’s prediction comes true. If Paul’s prediction comes true, Barnes is corrupt.

Jeff just emailed me some nonsense about “bricks and mortar.” What does he think our building is made of? Straw? What does he think the Marriott Hotels in Kansas, (where we would offer our pre-registration courses) are made of? I’m starting to think he’s out of his mind.

The question also needs to be asked if the Board is going to compensated those inspectors that have less than 2 years in business, who are waiting on the first class. So far they have missed a whole month of income because of the Board’s failure to okay education providers. These inspectors got a strong case against the State, the Board and probably even Jeff Barnes himself, if they are not willing to pay these inspectors for their lost income.

Inspectors have no way to get registered while Barnes continues to do inspections under license #001 that he issued to himself before licensing even took effect.

InterNACHI stands ready with a tractor trailer to truck our school into Kansas and offer pre-registration courses in several cities to correct this wrong,… if we receive approval tomorrow.

I recently received a rejection letter from KHIRB. Mr. Porter stated in his letter that I had not included proof of examination completiton and completion of 80 hours of training. I had in fact included a copy of my NHIE exam certificate, and a copy of my PHII basic (80 hours) and advanced (32 hours) certificates. The letter further states that I can resubmit after the board has approved the institution that I have attended. When will that be? I think it is wrong that the KHIRB be able to place such specific education requirements exposfacto. If they want that education structure from 1/1/2010 on that is acceptable. But to go back 2 1/2 years and place such criteria serves a purpose other then what’s best for Kansas. Especially when there is no education criteria for those prior to July 2007. I am loosing income as we speak. Does this situation fit the criteria for a class action lawsuite? Or should I patiently wait for Mr. Barnes to do what’s right? The PHII coarses are accepted in 15 other states, all insurance providers and professional affiliations. I thought I was being professional and prudent when I went the extra mile to get training and certification for a state that had no regs. Now I’m told everything that I have done isn’t good enough.:mad::mad::mad:

email me at jimbushart@hotmail.com and I will give you a newspaper reporter for the KC Star to contact.

Also contact the Attorney General’s office and your legislatures and ask them why this new law is keeping you from making a living. All legislatures who do not correct this wrong and get compensation for the victims needs to be voted out at their next election. Campaigns supporting their appointments who are against this fraud should be organized.

Any NACHI member that is being victimized by this bill needs to email fastreply@nachi.org . Nick has promised in the pass if the bill hurts his members, he will take action against Barnes and his band of hoodlums.

So…what was the outcome of the telephone conference? Did you get your courses, Nick?

Bump. It just keeps getting better. I have been in business over 8 years and just finished my all time worse month; January, 2010. Thanks for licensing.

Today we uncovered evidence that Barnes intentionally withheld this U.S. Department of Education report from fellow board members prior to a board discussion regarding approval of online pre-registration courses: http://www.nachi.org/online-beats-classroom.htm

A meeting today with the Board of Regents in Kansas revealed that it is NOT within the KHIRB’s authority to reject online or distance education on the basis that they are not classroom courses… as the Board of Regents already recognizes and accepts online and distance education. In other words, Barnes has no authority to reject InterNACHI’s online courses for pre-registration simply because they are online. Online delivery is not a course defect. He will need to find some other grounds to deny our application. If the board can’t find some other basis to deny our application then we expect immediate approval, or we will file suit against the board members.