KC Hot Dog Toss Lawsuit

Kansas man sues Royals over Sluggerrr’s hot-dog toss

By MARK MORRIS The Kansas City Star

2008 file photo

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Everybody who takes in a baseball game at the K knows to be aware that a foul ball could be headed at their noggin at any moment. (Home runs? Not so much.)

But who would think to dodge an errant hot-dog thrown by Sluggerrr, the team’s mascot?
A Kansas man sued the Royals earlier this month, alleging that just such a flying sausage struck his left eye, detaching his retina and causing cataracts.
A Royals spokesman at spring training in Arizona declined comment.
According to the suit, filed in Jackson County Circuit Court, John Coomer was attending a night game on Sept. 8 and was sitting about six rows up from the third-base dugout.
During a break in the action, Sluggerrr mounted the dugout and began blasting ’dogs into the stands with that awesome air gun.
He finished with the air gun and then began throwing food into the stands with his paws.
“While doing so, (Sluggerrr) attempted to throw a hotdog into the stands with a throw behind his back,” the suit alleged. “Instead of throwing the hotdog at an arch high into the stands, (Sluggerrr) lost control of his throw, or was reckless with his throw, and threw the hotdog directly into plaintiff, who was sitting a few feet away.”
Court records stated that Coomer has undergone two surgeries and has suffered a permanent impairment of his vision in his left eye. The suit does not ask for a specific amount, but noted that Coomer’s damages exceed $25,000.
A lawyer representing Coomer said today that neither he nor his client would comment on the suit.
The Royals have not formally responded to the suit in court, but the case is set for mediation on June 1, according to the case docket.

I hope he wins. He’s lucky he didnt get his *** kicked.

Maybe they shoud require eye protection for fans.:sarcasm::roll:

How many of your freedoms do you want to give up to be “safe” ?

The Royals should pay up quickly with regards to this negligent act. 25k is peanuts (no pun intended).

No doubt in my mind that the only way to ensure the full protection of the Kansas consumer of weenies is to license all professional sport mascots.

Or stop hiring Hobo morons.