KC Royals

There was a baseball game on TV last night: one of the best AL games ever played. If you missed it, you missed singles, doubles, triples, home runs, safe at the plate, out at the plate, stolen bases, throw-outs at the bases. Tie scores, big score leads. Pitchers in, pitchers out. Quiet crowd, loud crowd. Pass balls for scores. If you saw it, you now understand what a true Royals fan is. You are now one, if you saw this game. This is great for KC, great for baseball, and shows that if you never give up, you can succeed.

Let’s go, ROYALS!!!

GREAT Game. 160+ regular season games and it all came down to 1 inning. Amazing.
I am a Jays fan and we will get a game like that soon.

For those that didn’t watch it. That one inning it came down to just happen to be the 12th inning.

Here we go…

Watching baseball is like watching paint dry Go SOONER football:p


This video is awesome. Here we go…

I’m with Charley. Baseball is the world’s most boring sport. The players aren’t even in contact with each other hardly. And what’s withe the a-ho-le manager who steps out on to the field and pauses the entire game so he can talk to his player. What a pompous jerk. Arrest him. :wink:

Football as we know it will be over soon. Too much liability, and chance of injury. There will be less assertive play (look at the new kick-off rules). NASCAR will lower their horsepower to 525 next year, and my Corvette will have more horsepower than they do. Their sport is also limited, when the cars will be all the same.

Baseball is, shall I say, politically more fun; more thinking and strategy. I guess I am just getting older, as baseball is the number one elderly watched sport. Over 70% of all TV’s in KC were tuned into the wild-card game; a record.

Some of the more impatient attention deficit types can’t handle baseballs regal pace. :twisted::roll:

But anyway,

Go O’s*

I suffer from A.D.D. The only way I could ever watch a full baseball game is if they institute a pitch clock and allow the defense to block the runners between bases. That would be a game!

Uncle Nick
I’ve seen boring baseball games and thrillers as well, same with football and pretty much any sport.
We all have ADD when something’s boring, like a 3 hour class on heat pumps!:wink:

What about adding some dodge ball flavor to it and allow the fielders to hit the runners with the ball to tag him out.

Ya have never attended one of my classes ya would not go to sleep:p I throw erasers:D

You better have good aim Charles!
I’ll be snoring in the back row on a cot with my ear plugs and eye mask!:shock:

Even if you do not like baseball, you will never forget this catch.

Go Royals!!


Are you a believer yet? Stand by for the best world series ever played.

Gary, WTG Royals!
You kicked our Oriole butts.

Hate to say this but I’ll be rooting for the Giants!

They aren’t in it yet. :mrgreen:

Open letter to KC fans for tonight’s game. This town is crazy today.

Here we go…

Is anybody at work today in KC???!