Keep reminding myself

Why is only half the roof wet? I keep reminding myself to take pictures like this so I can make my job easier.

Any close ups?

Top right corner looks wet. Right side looks like a different or newer shingle.

Actually, it was a rhetorical question. I saw the left side was wet but not the right side, because of the tree overhanging it. It made me think of recent reports when I wished I had taken many more pictures. Thanks!

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I take a minimum 150+ for every inspection. Most of it is just a photo journal of the condition at the time of inspection. People will come back and say you broke something or missed something. CYA

You’re right. Mine usually add up to 120-200 but what I tend to neglect are multiple pictures of systems, pictures that sort of tell a story. I always find something that I wished I had taken pictures of more angles.


400-500 per inspection. :slight_smile:


I took about 150 to 200 per inspection…depending…maybe more. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ll bet you spent a lot on flash cubes Larry!!! :smiley:


Ya, but it is a write off… :crazy_face:


Larry organizing his exterior pics for his report…



C’mon now, Larry’s not THAT old, I’m pretty sure he was using the more modern version of polaroid with the automatic built in flash that came out, I think during the mid 70s. :camera_flash:

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back Larry. :wink:


Thanks, Kevin…I need it! :laughing:

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That’s not right Larry, these guys are beating up on you… you just gotta show them the old selfies you took back in the day!


Clearly two different shingles, not wet.

Here’s today’s picture. Not raining today.:wink:


Wow. Big difference. Do you have up close pics of the shingles? You should be getting on the roof on any house like that and looking up close. Totally safe to climb up on the portico roof valley area.

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Shingles were replaced 3 years ago. It’s my neighbor’s house and I thought of my often predicament of not getting the right picture to tell me the whole story when I saw the half wet roof yesterday. Hoping this will give others a reminder, as well. Thanks for adding your perspective!

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Ok. The only other thing I could think it might be would be two different lots of the shingles from the manufacturer.

What the heck?..@ndegaris, @tglaze and @kleonard got a LOT of likes… :pensive: