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Dear Sir,
Please do not let the Bill #2234 pass into law. The grandfather clause is not fair to all existing businesses and will cause some businesses to spend money and time while others will not have to. I consider this unfair. Either all should be grandfathered in or no one should. I voted for you and thought you were in the same mold as Jeb Bush. Mr. Bush vetoed a similar effort a few years ago. Please review the grandfather clause of SB 2234 before allowing this bill to pass. You seem like a fair man and that clause is anything but fair to all businesses.

Latest letter. How many of you guys are calling and sending letters? Let’s keep it going. I believe we can at least get Gov. Crist to view the grandfather clause. E-mail all letters to:
Rayman, Brett <Brett.Rayman@LASPBS.STATE.FL.US>

Paul, speaking from experience, don’t give up!

In NH we fought hard and were successful in defeating a biased ASHI bill, although it’s not over yet our voices were heard. One point you may want to consider is this, if you are in business and registered with the state you should be granted enough time to meet the new regulations. This was not considered in NH and I think it helped.

Once you are in business you have the right to continue to operate that business, now, the state also has the right to change the requirements to maintain that right, but you should be allowed enough time to meet the new requirements. O know I’m repeating myself and I’m sorry, but in NH we would have less than 6 months to meet the new requirements and that would have been impossible, 1-2 years is more realistic.

My problem is the grandfather clause. I feel confident enough to pass an exam but do not want to have to spend $1000.00 to take the 120 hours of course they are requiring.

Then you had better get on the right side of this argument as it looks like getting the grandfather clause removed might be doable. As long as home inspectors can get a free ride via the grandfather clause they will continue to push $hit bills through legislation, grandfathering puts an equal bite on everyone… like it should be.

I spoke to this guy at Senator Wise’s office and he flat out told me the authors of the senate bill have no intent on changing the grandfather clause. How can we make a loud enough noise to get that removed? I am thinking correctly, aren’t I? This bill will place additional cost on those in business less than 3 years right? Those in business more than 3 years get a license, or do they take a test as well? My impression is that if you are in business less than 3 years you will have to also pay for a course of study to be eligible to take the state test. More than 3 years you get to take the test, no course required, right?

proposed grandfathering in NH was 200 inspections…
I guess that is too much for some, then again with legislation,
all will never agree.


With this bill inspectors in business for 3+ years do not even have to take a test. There should be know grandfather clause and everyone should have to meet the states requirements. Wheres the so called consumer protection? This bill is total garbage.

Inspectors in small towns may not even have the 120 class available, and may have to travel far just to take it.

Keep fighting and fighting!!

Paul, don’t forget the time you have to take off from inspecting to take the class. So 120hr class takes 3 full weeks if you average 5 inspections a week thats 15 x 300.00 thanks 4500.00 of income gone on top of what ever the class will cost. And no one knows what classes will be excepted yet. This just stinks. In the construction licenseing at least they gave you credit for life time experience. No mention of CEU credits allowed, ICC rating, vocational, etc…:twisted:

You can look up HB-1399 and see the reps that have voted for it so far. Remember when it is time to vote how YOUR rep voted.

Paul, don’t give up. You have to have faith in the system and in my opinion, grandfathering is a term we should never use. Legislators and their legal people hate that word, you and all of us should use the words " the right to continue to do business the state granted me on such a date" or a proper amount of time to meet the new requirements.

This BS that someone else posted about the amount of inspections you have completed is right out of the ASHI handbook.

We as a group of inspectors are facing tough times in the real estate market and to associate a number of inspections or years in business to your qualifications is just not right.