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Answer the question. Elected to do what? What do they strive to accomplish that InterNACHI already hasn’t?

I am confused, we were told that Dennis Fackler was personally selected by you to represent US for the SOP and any other agenda with the state. Is that not true?

Ummmmmm represent us. You have stated NUMEROUS times that NACHI got ran over during the licensing phase. So we are suppose you got it in your hands now? Come On Nick. What are you afraid of. So its a back up. What wrong with that? Nick, its a council thats in place and well, its better than what you got and they are here and at least they are representing SOMETHING. Its better then just eating the SOP they feed us. No?

I think we did OK during the licensing phase. The licensing stinks IMHO, but InterNACHI did fine (got the first educators license issued to InterNACHI, got a smooth way to grandfather all our members, etc.)

Now back to this FHIC SOP thing. Let me be very clear, I don’t care who you elect to FHIC or what SOP they come up with… InterNACHI is not changing its SOP. So again, what do you mean by

How can FHIC feed us an SOP? I don’t get it.

I have to admit this is some funny s hit…I go off about Fl NACHI and their representing me…I then come home from a great weekend and feel represented to only find out that that was BS.

I am gonna start NACHEE…the National Association of Certified Home Evaluation Engineers…LMAO. Nick want to be my first member? It will be an organization that will become huge…represent nothing, pretend its got a ton of requirements and to make a few more bucks we can start off shoots like…hell…I don’t know, think of something crazy…Like…Certified Super Inspector. We can make them sign a worthless piece of paper and give them a patch and designation after their name.

O hell you already got one of those…DAMNIT…off to the next idea.

NOT OUR…SOP as in Internachi…FLORIDA SOP

We were told YOU appointed Dennis Fackler to make suggestions for the SOP and it was NOT an elected position. Is this not True?

InterNACHI isn’t changing its SOP for Florida to match FHIC’s. Where did you come up with that one Russell. Sometimes I think you make crazy stuff up and argue against it, just so you can trick everyone into believing it came from InterNACHI.

NO! Florida state is going to have an SOP. Correct? Let me stop there

Is the state of Florida in the process right now of writing an SOP? I will wait for your answer. Because I think you are confused…No problem it happens to all of us.

Yes, of course.

Stop drifting, stay on the FHIC topic.

That is the SOP I am talking about. Not Internachi SOP…I think that is a very important piece of legislation that we need to have input on correct?

Correct. We agree. But go back to the FHIC topic.

whose on first?

We were told that YOU appointed Dennis Flackler to represent us and he was our Internachi Representative for the state licensing board. If we had ANY concerns about the state SOP or ANYTHING else dealing with the legislation to contact him. Is this correct?

No, that is not correct. Dennis is the InterNACHI rep for FHIC, not the state.

Now back to the question at hand (I’m trying to rephrase it every way I can). What can FHIC do that InterNACHI can’t? What special power do you believe they have?

Ummmm…get in front of the right people…take all 4 organizations and come to a common ground to come with an acceptable SOP…NO?

State sop…