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I think I found your problem. It appears that you’ve been confusing the DBPR with FHIC.

The DBPR is a government agency in Florida that InterNACHI has been working closely with and regularly with for the past year. I suspect that the DBPR has never even heard of FHIC, let alone going adopt their SOP draft without input.

Well then…Nick there lies a serious problem. Its what we were TOLD this weekend. We were told 3 or 4 guys and Rowan got the SOP and they read through it and disagreed and some things were being rewritten…Blah Blah Blah…They meet in Orlando and go through this stuff. Its not my mistake its what we have been TOLD.

EDUCATE ME…I am willing to learn…

We just don’t join up with 3 other mini-associations, sing Kumbaya, elect representatives, and write the state’s SOP like you were insinuating.

Fixes (from anyone) will be welcomed by the DBPR during the recommendations-for-changes portion of the rule making. I don’t think the DBPR even knows about this coalition and the coalition certainly doesn’t understand the development of a DBPR rule.

I (Nick Gromicko) wrote:

The following is from Richard Morrison of the DBPR in an email exchange with me:

Lets make sure everyone is talking about the proper entities.First Home Insurance Company (“FHIC”) currently underwrites homeowners insurance exclusively in the state of Florida. Is this the FHIC that reference is being made of?

No. There is some Florida Home Inspector’s Coalition that popped up and Russell was made to believe that the crappy SOP they came up with would be made into a state rule in Florida without an opportunity for him to recommend changes and/or that InterNACHI would adopt it. Neither are true.

Then Nick my friend we were very mislead in the meeting. We were specifically told that YOU appointed Dennis Fackler to the FHIC. The FHIC consisted of a INACHI rep, a FABI rep, an ASHI rep, and I think a NAHI rep. The purpose of this council was to given the opportunity from Michael Rowan to review the SOP and make comments on the SOP. Hell were told they sit at a table in Orlando and meet and well…Sing Kumbaya (which is a good song by the way) and go over the SOP and items that were going to be considered for legislation.

Then tell me what is the purpose of FHIC? What is Dennis Facklers purpose? is there going to be an open recommendation for changes forum where we can state our concerns before it get finalized.

FHIC=Florida Home Inspectors Council

I may have been on a sugar high, I did eat about 8 donuts…but thats the way I heard it. Other chime in if I am wrong…

Yes, he represents (I’m not sure if he’s still on it) InterNACHI in the FHIC.

You have to be kidding! That’s what I’ve been asking you.

Yes, see comment from Richard Morrison of the DBPR in my post #44.

Is what we were told. We were also told it was a closed meeting and we had no input.

I’m trying to find out exactly what the Florida Home Inspectors Council does - I googled it and this is what it returned - i am not joking:

Floirda Home Inspector Council - Page 4 - InterNACHI Message Board](

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Dammit, I just made a bowl of oatmeal and was settling in for the shoot out. don’t leave me hangin here.

Apparently that does sum it up

We need to start from scratch with this topic. It sounds to me like Dennis fackler does represent us in FHIC, but the FHIC perhaps has nothing to do with the State of Florida SOP.

Same here. When I offered my help in repairing their SOP, Bob Farr of FABI wrote me a 1-sentence email saying:

So much for a coalition. I don’t speak for Dennis, but personally, I see no reason to participate in some little coalition that includes 3 mini-associations, that doesn’t welcome my help, that shuts my members out of their closed-door meetings, and that the DBPR never heard of.

I have spoke to Rick Morisson on numerous occasions regarding various licensing issues. He normally answers his phone when called on his direct line. Is this the individual that may have answers to our questions regarding the States SOP

Then should concerned parties take questions to Bob Farr, Mike Rowen or DBPR?

What is your concern, maybe I can help?

I believe its representation

We do not know, nobody will let us see it. We want a voice on other issues in the state also.

When the state did not give the home inspectors a board, they guaranteed that the contractors would always control what happens in Tallahassee. The contractors have a board, thus a voice. I watch the contractors message boards and they try to run us over every chance they get. They have a much more organized lobby.