Keep the ball rolling...

Everyone will get an opportunity to help with the SOP during the DBPR’s rule making process.

I don’t know what their process is on “other issues,” just rule making.

The process is someone paying this wayne guy to take me on a tour of tallahassee, does anyone know how to reach wayne birsh?

Legislation is different than rule making. Different branch of state government.

I believe this is his email, although he did not respond to me last time I sent him an email.

Nick can you appoint me to the UN? Hell it may be a worthless appointment, but it will look awesome on my business card. Any other appoints up for bid? Special director to the council on Florida Governors Board?..hell if your handing out useless titles give us all one! Its just unfair!

FHIC asked for an InterNACHI rep, I found someone to accommodate. That doesn’t change my opinion of FHIC or my question to you: What purpose does FHIC serve that InterNACHI doesn’t already?

So then your scaring me Nick…Once again your saying NACHi has no input. That does not make me feel all warm and cozy.

Input with whom?

Apparently from your comments they both do absolutely nothing!..Thanks for the confidence!

I don’t know who you mean by “they both” and so can’t comment.

Apparently Bob Farr runs the show…why are the little guys pushing you around?

When ever the state has questions about construction they are ask board to ask, for us they will hire a consultant.

Here is the construction board that is appointed by the Governor. The by default have direct representation and we do not. Home Inspectors will always be second class in Florida because of it.

*Construction Industry Licensing Board
Composition: Number of Members: 18 (Division I: 9; Division II: 9)

Four General Contractors

Three Building or Residential Contractors with at least one Building Contractor and one Residential Contractor

One Roofing Contractor
One Sheet Metal Contractor
One Air Conditioning Contractor
One Mechanical Contractor
One Pool Contractor
One Plumbing Contractor
One Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor
Two Consumer Members
Two Building Officials of a Municipality or County

Qualifications: Eighteen members are appointed by the Governor. Members can not serve more than two consecutive 4-year terms or more than 11 years.*

they meaning Internachi and FHIC do NOTHING…except tell us they do stuff that leads to ZERO results…

Did I mention that Bob Farr is a Realtor?

Nick states that we (InterNACHI) will have a chance for input. I think what we need to feel warm and fuzzy is to know that someone within InterNACHI will be contacted when this time comes — what is the process of this rule making? – When and how do we see the drafts? How will our input be considered or weighed - Will our 1300 strong inspectors have any pull? and most importantly, why wait till later to make an impact, lets start voicing our concerns to someone even if we dont know what those concerns are yet. I think thats are agenda

I don’t belong to FHIC and don’t know what they do and so can’t speak for them.

I can speak for InterNACHI. We do many times more in a week, than all inspection trade associations do in a year. See

Home InspectorFARR, ROBERT EDWARDPrimaryHI13
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 Main Address:* 414 HIAWATHA WAY MELBOURNE BEACH, FL 32951Real Estate Broker or SalesFARR, ROBERT EDWARDPrimarySL639606
Sales AssociateCurrent, Active
03/31/2012 Main Address:* 414 HIAWATHA WAY MELBOURNE BEACH, FL 32951

OOOOOOOOO sweet…as I said time and again. Nick tells are we are bigger than all other organizations combined and yet we get pushed aside and they get their way…this is the EXACT reason, I yell, and curse…

NICK YOU DO NOTHING FOR FLORIDA SOP…you can post links to whatever you want. Your own statements tell us different. As I have said time and again. NACHI is #1 for education and THATS IT…You do nothing for the members as far as ANYTHING else goes…

STOP pretending you do and let us sort this out because we cannot count on you and you have time after time proved…

This comments, POST #54 it didn’t copy right, scares the hell out of me and once again proves me right…You are absolutely impotent when it comes to Florida and legislation.

You can’t speak for FHIC and yet you appointed someone to a position. Just like all your other stuff, its all just smoke and mirrors Bullshi t…

Just tell us that your the best educator and for anything else we are on our own. Stop lying…we can deal with it much better when we know what we are up against. Right now we hear this story and that story and its all B ullshi t…

Wow…I was actually feeling good, I thought all was going well…Now this…