Keeping hydrated

To all my Florida brothers out there summer begins and thus keeping hydrated is a constant battle for us all. This may or may not have been posted before, but I just purchased some Camelbak’s for my team to wear while out inspecting. Just bought the basic model for $35 each, holds 1.5 liters of water and is super light, you hardly know it’s there. When you get thirsty, just pop the straw in your mouth and you’re good to go. It’s a huge timesaver for us not having to keep going back to one central point to chug down water. Just thought I’d share. Stay thirsty my friends…


Please! You act like we are working in the desert or something.:roll:

We can’t all inspect in the frozen tundra that is the East Coast of Florida

I’m going to have to invest in one of those. I just started another job as a flagger, with Area Wide Protective, until I can get licensed here in North Carolina. I’ve went past the state fire Marshall’s building (Home Inspector Licensure Board) every day this week for my training. I am pumped up about performing Home Inspections in and around Raleigh (Wake County), in a couple of months. It takes time and I have to pay the bills. It seems as though I’m working my life away just to pay the bills. I’m doing this and that in a lot of areas, just to make a dollar. I haven’t seen my wife and kids more than 10 or 15 minutes this week.

$5,000.00 fine if you are caught holding a cell phone, when the NC -Dot, pulls up and it should be. I have a lot of peoples lives in my hands.

Its no friggin joke. I use poweraid zero drops and freeze water partially the day before. I try to drink about a whole bottle for every attic I am in for over 5 minutes.

When someone dies looking for a f u c k in g shiner that should not exist them maybe the majority of you will wake up :frowning:

The heat is a real threat around here especially with the humidity. By the time you feel thirsty you are likely in danger already.

OK I am ready for the insults :slight_smile: Bring em they give me strength :slight_smile:

I carry my Bubba Keg with me during the summer. For those of you who sweat a lot, like I do, invest in some Gatorade or Powerade as well. You need to replace what you sweat out.

In South Florida, we have attics that can get upwards of 130 degrees. It is also quite hot on the roofs. We also have a bunch of home where the a/c fails…right before the inspection. Ask Bill Siegel!

I drink 1 Poweraide a day plus the lots of water. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. I also take salt tablets on occasion, you would be surprised what it can do for your energy level.

You need to get the A/C fixed in your office in that case…

Just teasing :slight_smile:

Good solid advice we both agree on :slight_smile:

It is super important to take in more than water and doing with less of the evils than at least I take in daily can go a long way in keeping us safe.

I MUST HAVE COFFEE in the morning and feel the negative effect pretty quickly but normally drink at least a bottle of water on the way to the first job with the power-aid zero drops in it. 1/2 bottle at a minimum.

Best thing I can say is if you are thirsty you are likely already heading towards dehydration. make it a point to drink even if you have to slow down for a second. It could save your life and it will for sure keep you feeling a little better in the hellish days ahead :frowning:

You might try eliminating coffee. Also stay away from any energy drinks, especially the “organic” ones.

I eliminated caffeine years ago. The first week sucked, headaches, mostly, but after that, now I have more energy and don’t hit the 2 o’clock wall!

Maybe I’ll show up wearing my running fuel belt!

I am NOT strong enough to do that.

Maybe if I hit powerball and become extremely happy and high on life i’ll be able to try. I’ll trade the coffee for super healthy foods and a massage on my boat or overlooking the ocean from my newest house :slight_smile:

If one enjoys coffee why give it up?

Because caffeine is a drug. It is addictive and has similar effects as cocaine, the need to replenish or face the crash.

You are free to do what you choose, you as well Mr. Meeker.

I don’t ingest caffeine and am up at 5 am every day and go to bed at 10 pm. I don’t experience the “crash” and I have plenty of energy all day long.

Mike Meeker,
You should have taken your boat out today…it was great out! We went up the river, into the ocean, drove by the sand bar (s), took a swing by Hutchinson Island, then back home to the hot tub!

If coffee is not harmful brings enjoyment and enhances life I see no positives in stopping consumption of the glorious coffee bean.:smiley:

Darn, if I stop eating I get hungry, weak and uncomfortable and I start to crave food. Does that make it a drug?

Drink all you can…and more…please drink more… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You need food to survive. You don’t need caffeine. Now, back to nfe where you belong! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Have failed to give a good reason to stop caffeine intake, Eric has issued marching orders. How sad.

Some people have trouble with caffeine. I don’t so I have my espressos in the A.M. and not again until the next AM.

I have a friend and a daughter in law that have a problems with it and either avoid it or severely limit it.

People are not all the same.

I didn’t issue any “marching orders”. Just a suggestion. Do what you please.

Although, my wife is a registered dietitian and the director of nutrition services at a rehabilitation hospital…but what does she know? I’ll take her advice, if it is alright with you. :roll:

Because it is a diuretic, we are chatting about “Keeping hydrated” in a hot and humid environment(Florida).

Great advice but the 32 pontoon no longer runs :frowning: I cannot afford the upkeep.

Was I right did you see dolphins?

I did spend a day at the beach with the Family and a Day in the Swamp with my Daughter and a Frind and his Daughter. I’ll post some cool picts after todays work :slight_smile:

We did see dolphins…three different times. Our son loved it! :slight_smile:

We get 130 degree attics in Indiana.