Keeping hydrated

I always drink at least 2 16 oz. bottles of water during an inspection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe less than you think.

Ask her about HFLC and cholesterol.

Here we go…another expert in the making! :wink:

Since I am on a variation of a hflc, only without as much hf, I am sure I can tell you what you want to know. We won’t have to bother her at $350.00 an hour!

Does you wife approve?

Most nutritionist do not.

Surrounded by 90+ degree temperatures and 100% humidity?

I see according to the Durangos exterior temperature reading, Spring is over.

Most nutritionists rely on antiquated formulas instead of individual patient needs.

Being lactose intolerant, fructose intolerant, and gluten intolerant, I have little choice in what to eat. A majority of the gluten-free products are loaded with salt and sugar. If I eat those, I gain weight, which leads to other issues.

The so-called experts recommended a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet for everyone. How did that work out?

I told ya you would see em :). I have a lot in the back of manatee bay.

Well that does complicate things.

My wife and I are mostly gluten free and no sugars either. Very occasional fruit.

I think I asked you before, but why are you gluten-free?

I am a perfect case study on how to cope with the above issues. There are trade-offs.

Now, take all of that, and try to run 1/2 marathons…or more.

Supposedly, you need a bunch of carbohydrates in order to perform well in endurance events, like running. I tried it and the last three races, I switched to my normal diet of usually 30 carbs a day or less. After each of the last three races, all 1/2 marathons, I felt 10 times better than when I ran using a high carbohydrate diet.

Between moving and working on two houses and a boat, I had zero training time for the last half marathon I ran in February. I was only six minutes slower than my personal best time. I also ran it as well as the Disney Wine and Dine race last November, with torn meniscus in my right knee, wich was verified today.

My started it for digestive reasons.

It is easier if we share similar diets.

Carbs in general do not treat me well.

I consume sub 30 carbs per day on average.

I am in the same boat as you. And there isn’t “mostly” gluten-free.

I have had “incidents” from accidentally ingesting small amounts of gluten. It seems, the cleaner I get, the more it affects me when it happens.

It is also excruciatingly difficult to impart to some, exactly what it means to be gluten intolerant. “Just have a little bread”…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Some people cannot handle gluten at all.

You appear to be one of those.

Have you been tested for Ciliac’s?

I have been tested for the gene, but do not carry it.

The other test is for me to ingest gluten for three months, then, get an “exam”.
I made it three weeks and just couldn’t tolerate it.

Some interesting reading here:

I was surprised to find out it was from Quest diagnostics…they are the ones who have done all of my blood work.

I still think ‘saving time’ by wearing a water dispenser is absolutely ridiculous during a home inspection. Glenn, what are you, 80 yrs old?

This is just stupid.

I put my water or electrolyte drink in their freezer and tell them I am testing it :slight_smile:

If my drink is good and frosty the freezer passes :slight_smile:

That’s fine Mike until you leave it there and it spills or otherwise makes a mess.

That was a little harsh! :smiley: :smiley:

I keep the Bubba keg in the Durango and make frequent trips to it.

I recall one inspection a long while ago, the girls that were buying the condo were making margaritas…after some prodding…right after I finished the inspection and started typing up the report, this was in the onsite days, I accepted a few margaritas. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings! :slight_smile:

I Would never forget my drink…Not in this heat. :smiley:


That is the good thing about being your own boss. I have not accepted an alcoholic drink yet as so I have been heading to another inspection and did not want to “appear” to be a drunk. I have had a couple of meals / tastes of food that smelled good. I did get a great cup of Cuban coffee a couple month ago down South. I tole the little ole lady no till I looked around the corner and it was hot and fresh in her hand waiting for me :slight_smile: If only all customers were that kind this job would be a little better.

When you’re doing 4 inspections a day, time is a fleeting thing for us daily. I myself was getting dehydrated and found a way to hopefully help and its working for me/us and might for others. I could give a rats a** what you personally think about anything, just sharing ideas and trying to be helpful, something you obviously have no time for.

I am way south of you and I have this new invention also!
Cooler in truck
and a 7-11

How do you carry that thru a attic

I like the ice vests - my guys love those in the attics.