KeepRite AC age

Can someone tell me the age of the KeepRite AC model ACSO18A2C1 ser.# L992962330. I would guess its either 99 or 92. There was no wall disconnect near the unit but was separate switch inside.

AC (Small).jpg


KeepRite only manufactured Condensers for two separate years… 1974 and 1988.

I can’t locate your specific model number in Prestons, but most start with 30… and were manufactured in 1988. The others start with ERS… and were manufactured in 1974.

You’ve got an ancient Condenser either way.

And it needs an emergency shut-off with-in sight…

Thanks David. BTW did you have a chance to update your list of HVAC equipment that you posted before? There are many manufacturers that are missing there.

That unit was manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky in the 29th week of 1999.

However, International Comfort Products manufactured (and manufactures) products for the KeepRite brand, and since 1994 they’ve been using the plant-year-year-week-week-xxxxxxx system.

Russel, as I mentioned there was no wall disconnect near the unit that I think was mandatory in 1999. :roll:

Doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the manufacture date of the unit.

That is my understanding also …

But I have heard that before Keeprite became a division/brand of ICP that they made equipment from 1970 thru 1994 with a sometimes difficult to code serial numbering system, where you need that and the model number to get an indication of age.

Did the equipment look about 8 yrs old (e.g. 29th week of 1999), as that would be my guess also?

Hmmmmmm. I have no problem with KeepRite. We do know that the KSSC model is from the 1980s and that the KSSD model is from the 1990s.

Serial numbers are quite easy, though, although there are three coding systems:

Coded to the last letter of the first group of digits, starting with S - 1970, T = 1971, etc.


First digit is year, second two digits are week.


that which we have here which is letter is manufacturing plant and the next four digits are year-year-week-week.