Keith Swift's new book ships to Canada too! Best $12.95 you could spend.

Thanks Keith look forward to reading your book. Keith everyone needs to learn something new every day even if only some small point that would gained by reading your book.

To all who ordered the book at Christmas time - We have another present for you.

The same e-mail goof that caused the initial delay in shipping also caused your credit card numbers to encrypt permanently, so a belated Merry Christmas the books are on me.


Keith with out a doubt you are one of the best.
. You always treat people great .
I am pleased to have been able to meet and talk with you.
Do hope we get the privilege to do it again some time with you and your lovely wife Jacki . Please give her My regards .

Your Canadian Buddies Char and Roy

Thanks Keith!

Fondest regards,


Thanks Kieth

Thanks Keith!!
Always a gentlemen!!
That really is not fair to you…personally I will make it up to you.

I will purchase all books that you have published. {must be autographed} can you please provide me the link for your site?


Your friend

Thanks Mario. Send me your address, and I’ll send you a free autographed copy of my novel.


Like I said a true gentleman!!

Thank You Keith!!