Kentucky approves How to Write a Better Home Inspection Report Course

Kentucky approves George Wells’ How to Write a Better Home Inspection Report Course for home inspector continuing education.

Awesome and highly recommended to all inspectors. This is a great read and so is George’s other books. I have read many times over and this stuff is priceless. I actually need to read again. I had all of these books in hard copy form and then George Wells sent me all of the books on something called the cloud. Can’t locate the hard copies anymore and if I remembered how to open the files from that cloud thing, I’d be reading this morning.

Well worth every penny. So is the software that George has at Best Inspectors.

I love this man to no end. He has bent over backwards over the years to help me time and time again. From report writing to inspecting using different approaches and how to make more money, I have always listened and learned from George. There is a serious side to George Wells and that’s when he shines like no other. He knows this industry very well and when I had questions on his software (I’ve actually used 3 different ones over the years), George took time out of his schedule to help me.

When I entered into the Home Inspection industry 20+ years ago, I used paper (Matrix) reporting (everything from ITA’s forms to The Home Guide and the Home Reference Book and everything in between) and the switch to computerized reports was very, very difficult for me. I probably had George thinking: there is no hope for Michael but he never gave up, he was just as patient and understanding as 1 could be.

I also love the other side of George Wells that has had me laugh, some of my hardest laughs. He cares so much for people (including my daughter) and the world needs more people like George Wells. I would be honored saying that in a round about way he mentored me over the phone at different stages over the years. I can tell you that I am very proud to call George Wells a true friend.

With that being said, grab a copy of How to Write a Better Home Inspection Report, sit back and learn from a Legend. This guy is good. If you enjoy this book and I’m sure that you will, continue to the book that George has on pricing your home inspection business.

Years ago, George use to send me Emails where different inspectors would help other’s with Tips and Tricks. I enjoyed reading them and I always wished that he would’ve published a book on this. Ben Gromicko use to have something similar - Tips and Tricks for Home Inspectors. If these 2 men could pull those old suggestions and put them together, they would have a #1 best selling reference book for all Home Inspectors.

Coffee is getting cold, so I’m outta here.