Kentucky, New bill requiring contractor licensing in KY.

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Ky.: New Bill Requires Residential Contractor Licensing

(March 9, 2004) -- A new bill being considered by Kentucky's Committee on Licensing and Occupations would require that building contractors in the state be licensed in order to perform work. H.B. 277 would require licensure of residential contractors by Jan. 1, 2006.

This marks the third time such a bill has been introduced, according to Dan Dressman, executive vice president for the Home Builders Association of Kentucky, which supports the bill. He says H.B. 277 is modeled after the group's "registered builder" program, which requires builders to conform to a certain level of standards in order to be considered "registered."

Participating builders also must have workers' compensation for all employees and written contracts for all work. "Some of those provisions will be incorporated into the state registration program," says Dressman. He also notes that the bill includes a continuing education component. "It would basically take a voluntary program and make it mandatory."

Dressman says such bills have been "tabled" in the past based on certain provisions disputed by labor unions, which are primarily concerned with the commercial construction side of the issue. He expects the 2004 bill to pass, however, since "the unions aren't really at all involved in residential construction."

By Bridget McCrea for REALTOR? Magazine Online

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I noticed NACHI wasnt mentioned, wonder why??


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I’m missing something. What does residential contractor licensing have to do with us?? Or, in Kentucky are HI’s considered contractors??

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No, HI’s in Kentucky are not considered contractors and the bill has nothing to do with Home Inspections. It primarily had to do with licensing residential builders. It was introduced Jan 14, sent to committee on Jan 15 and died a quiet death on Jan 21 by being posted in committee. No more action on it this year as the Legislature adjourned on April 13, 2004.

Ted, NACHI is not mentioned because it missed the boat on getting involved way back. NACHI had very little presence here in Kentucky 20 some months ago (I don't think I was even a NACHI Member yet, and I was the first Kentucky Member), when KREIA kicked this whole licensing thing off with forming a Task Force to get licensing legislation started.

NACHI has only come on strong in Kentucky in the last few months. If I remember right, back in late December, NACHI only had about 14 or 15 members in Kentucky. Last time I checked a couple of weeks ago, there were 35 or so.

Maybe it'll get fixed next year by all reference to ANY national association membership being removed from the law. I hope so.

In any case, it's now law and takes effect on July 13, 2004.

A history of the licensing effort is on the KREIA web site at

Kentucky Licensing Activity History

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