Kentucky Renews InterNACHI as Course Provider and Approves Several Online CE Courses

Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors renews InterNACHI as a Continuing Education course provider for licensed home inspectors in Kentucky.

Several InterNACHI free, online courses are renewed as approved for Continuing Education for licensed home inspectors in Kentucky.

View approvals and courses at

Planet InterNACHI*… resistance is futile.*

Looks like they approved 16 different InterNACHI courses. Nice!

Awesome, more money in my pocket and time on my hands. Thanks guys!!

And more education acquired… don’t forget that benefit. The money, the time, and the governmental approvals are just the icing on the cake. The main reason InterNACHI provides nearly unlimited, free education is for the education.

The education for me is a given. I’ll always be in school. But with the ability to do so on my schedule AND have the CEU value as well is a win times three.
Every NACHI course I have taken has challenged me and taken me to a new level of knowledge ultimately benefiting my clients.
Nothing out there compares to the value and benefits I / we receive from the NACHI membership.
" if it ain’t NACHI, it’s counterfeit"