KENTUCKY starting radon certification

Went to a seminar yesterday concerning the July 1st implementation of radon certification (licensing). We must have 16 hours supervised training with a test, $500,000 general liability ins, $250 app fee and a QA program with quarterly reporting using only approved testing devices.
Initial investment of around $1200 not counting time to get in compliance.
Considering either complying or possibly outsourcing as either way we must provide this service to stay competitive.
Any comments from those who already have a similar requirement? Pros and cons of each avenue?

Become a certified radon tester in Kentucky by taking InterNACHI’s free, online radon certification course, which is accepted by Kentucky.
Become a Certified Radon Tester in Kentucky (scroll down the page).

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Half a million dollar GL insurance to test for radon? That’s steep.

You are testing for radon, not digging a tunnel under their house.

Thanks guys and as always NACHI has our backs!!! just another hoop to jump through and fees to pay… I carry 1million GL but agree it’s nuts.