Kentucky to Illinois

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Anyone familiar with the requirements/process for a license holder in KY to become licensed in IL? I spoke with the IDFPR and I didn’t get a clear response. Any info is greatly appreciated.

I am pretty confident (95%) you have to get an Illinois license, including the 60 hour approved course and passing the state NHIE.

You may want to reach to @cbellefontaine2 for some guidance.

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and I’m pretty sure in Illinois You are expected to wear shoes… :wink:


Good thing Georgia is unregulated… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I looked up the licensing requirements here in IL. See the cut/paste from the IL Administrative code below. It seems that if you are licensed in KY, you can get your license moved to IL, but will have to jump through some hoops.
Section 1410.120 Application for Non-Resident Home Inspector License by Reciprocity

An initial applicant who desires a Home Inspector License by reciprocity and holds a valid Home Inspector License issued by a proper licensing authority of another jurisdiction with which the Division has a valid reciprocal agreement shall submit to the Division:

a) An application, provided by the Division, that is signed and fully completed by the applicant;

b) The required fee set forth in Section 1410.400, payable to the Department; and

c) A certificate of good standing from the applicant’s licensing authority.

That’s great information. I had checked the Division’s site but didn’t find what I was looking for. Thank you for the help.

I’m betting you will need to take the IL exam, since it is not really the NHIE. It has state specific questions on it. It is best to try and email and call a person with the state of IL and findout exactly what is required.

Jamie is right. If you need any help getting your license here in Illinois, please reach out to me personally. Jamie, myself, and the rest of our state association leaders have formed great relationships with the senior staff at the IDFPR. The people who answer the phones are not helpful at all. My cell phone is +1(630) 327-2700.

Please join the Illinois Association of Home Inspectors at


Thank you. I’ll give you a call this week. I appreciate your response.