Kerosene heat; WB question

I have a job this week where MLS says “kersone” as type of heat fuel. What am i looking for here?

Also, says, “wood burning stove attached to heating system” -

any words of wisdom before i inspect this property are much appreciated. as always. thanks.

It may be an outdoor “oil” tank which would required #1 fuel oil or Kerosene so it won’t gel in cold temps.
I personally would defer the add-on wood burner unless you are qualified to inspect it and charge accordingly.


Here are a few sites with kerosene wall furnaces which are common in some areas:,GGLG:2005-48,GGLG:en&q=kerosene+heaters+%2B+monitor&um=1

I’d be telling the purchaser to check and see if they can get insurance on the home considering the heat source.

great help. thanks
i will know more when i SEE the heating system. but at least i feel a bit more prepared.


Come back with some pics and let us know what it actually is.:slight_smile: