Kevin O'Leary.... shut up already

Kevin Leary (Mr. Wonderful) says that we need more government regulation of crypto. No, Mr. Wonderful, that’s not what we need. We need fewer scumbags like you who got paid undisclosed millions for pumping a scam, even after I explained last year that it was a scam.

Government bureaucrats are the last people on earth to notice a scam. Harry Markopolos explained to the SEC that “for Madoff’s strategy to work, he would have to buy more options on the Chicago Board Options Exchange than actually existed.” Yet the SEC did nothing. Worse, they allowed Madoff to continue to steal.

I told you that “when FTX paid $130 million to put its name on the Miami-Dade County Sports Arena that it was a scam as crypto doesn’t produce anything to make money to pay for advertising.” Yet you did nothing. Worse, you promoted FTX to help SBF continue to steal.

We don’t need more inept government, Mr. Wonderful. We need less people like you.