Kevin OMalley ???

Who is Kevin OMalley ?? I recently am getting spammed to death by this guy from ashi about seminars and stuff? Anyone have the good the bad and the ugly on him?


Old time inspector from ASHI. Used to own ITA out in San Diego. Got in the training and selling checklist reports, etc ahead of everyone else. Then sold his ITA business to Kaplan and made butt load of money.

Probably hasn’t been active inspector for 15 + years.

That’s about right.

He is an entrepreneur and a personal friend of mine for many years (almost family).

He (Casey & O’Malley) is putting on another inspectors conference. This one is in Atlantic City, the last one was in Vegas in October.

I’m sure you could “unsubscribe” if the emails are bothersome.

what about this Robb Kazinski guy?

Has anyone been to their conferences? I received the email for the one next April in Atlantic City which is right up the coast from me.

I was thinking about attending if I hear positive information.

Jeff – you going to go to AC?

That’s a bit far from home for me :smiley: I’ll do Vegas at the drop of a hat (I’m here now, in fact), but I don’t get free rooms in AC :wink:

I got the email as well.
I am also considering it.

Growing up in Delaware, AC was to me what Vegas is to you… When the bars closed in Wilmington, the next logical move was to get in the car and drive 60 miles so we could piss away even more money and pollute our bodies…

A client of mine is the owner of this establishment.

On Route 202 just across the Wilmington, Delaware border.
1 AM Close in Delaware / 2 AM Close in Pennsylvania

I have. Kevin and Mike have been doing this a long time and have good industry contacts with educators. Half the fun is meeting other inspectors.

Troy, their Vegas conferences are great, I’m sure AC will be too. I’m teaching two classes there.

AC is only 45 min. from me. I’ll see you there.

I sure hoped you would be!!

I guess I will be heading to AC next spring.