KHIRB meeting to adopt rules.

[FONT=Arial]The Board has published in the Kansas Register the date and time of the next Rules and Regulations hearing as:

March 29, 2010
10:00 am
at the basement auditorium of the Docking State Office building
915 S.W. Harrison
Topeka, KS

The hearing will be over
Article 1 - Rules and Regulations relating to registration, renewal and examinations
Article 3 - Rules and Regulations relating to education programs
Article 5 - Rules and Regulations relating to continuing education

This hearing is to adopt the temporary rules into permanent form

This is an important meeting. This is where “The Board” will sneak in whatever they and their cronies are trying to sell / push!

If you do not speak up… You are going to have an ASHI Board, an ASHI test and ASHI courses for continuing education!

Too many New Hampshire inspectors stayed at home and thought “Well I will be Grandfathered in so… this will not affect me.”

Some were driven out of business.

Now they are singing the blues!