Kick *** 3D T.V.

Posted in Florida area because if you are not in SE Florida you likely do not want the hassle.

Who needs a Great Factory Refurbished 3D T.V. $2500.00 SHARP T.V. LC-70LE757U Check the price anywhere this is a great deal. I really need to sell it when it gets here so speak up quickly if you want it. I can even help you get it to where you want it as long as you are in SE Florida. Please tell anyone who will listen.

I can find them all day on the net cheaper than that…free delivery and a warranty…

Not trying to Pee on your parade…but…

Ok just trying to make an offer to someone in the area that wants one.

I was actually told about an hour ago the price could be reduced by $200.

I did not know that when I posted the offer and figured I would see if anyone was interested before changing it.

No secrets here trying to get rid of it and make a member and myself happy.

I really doubt you would travel across the state for a T.V. so if not trying to Peeeeeee on my parade what were you doing??? Obviously not trying to help move it :slight_smile: I guess you just can’t help yourself.

Maybe Nachi Nickles will buy it?..Who knows…

Now that is Peeing on your parade!

Sheees not at all. It don’t bother me none. You provide me with a constant source of amusement and a average at best verbal sparing partner :slight_smile:

Fair enough…have a good night

You too :slight_smile:

Bump, bump. Get it while the getting is good :slight_smile: