Kick backs

I was informed yesterday that we have a HI giving kick backs to agents for inspections he recieve from them.What I was told is the agent gets a gift card or something like that in the amount of $50 plus for every three inspection he sends the inspecter.Could not get a name out the agent I was talking to so I’m still not sure who the HI is or what association if any he belongs.

Its too bad that you have an inspector in your area doing that. I don’t believe its ethical. Its one thing to pass along a discount to your client but not the realtor.

I’ve got some idiot inspector going around my area telling realtors that all home inspectors are required by law to have fall protection and confined spaces certification otherwise the realtor faces fines of upto $250,000.

I called the Ministry of Labour to verify, even though I knew it was false. They confirmed what i knew all along. In my case I know who the inspector is and am wondering if I should send him a polite e-mail about the facts.

Anyways, whats happening in your area and in mine just brings the whole industry down.

Mark, turn that to your bennefit. Send a note to all the realtors in your area notifying them that they have been missinformed. Don’t mention names. Just correct the missinformation with documentation if you can get it. The agents will draw the appropriate conclusions.

I have an inspector in this area who specializes in scaring the hell out of agents about other inspectors. I have corrected him so often that the agents now look forward to his latest pronouncements for a good laugh!:mrgreen:

Report it to the association(s) this guy belongs to -if any. The issue pertaining to kick-backs are pretty well enshrined in every associations code of ethics.

Claude I would report him,if and when I find out who he is and if he is a member of any association.The agents that are useing him should be reported too.

The Gift Card sounds like a great marketing idea to me! It’s like going to the sub shop & they stamp your card. After 10 stamps you get a free bee. Doug

Home Inspectors say the stupidest things. A little information in the hands of a moron can be a dangerous thing! :frowning:

I know who you are talking about regarding the info on fall training and confined spaces rumours. When I was in industry I argued hard against crawl spaces being confined spaces and the need for air testing and I pretty much won my case. But as for the fall arrest training. Any safety training for people who are on buildings is to their benefit. I have 4 people working for me and I have put on a training session and offered the same to anyone who would like to attend in Burlington on October 4.
Just e-mail me at

As for the kick backs - no way. You work for the client, you reward realtors by performing a good professional honest inspections and then you will get further referals.


About a year ago a realtor informed me that the realtor she used the day before had delivered her gift to her office before she got back to her office. Then she said “You have not given me anything and I hired you three times”.
I told her that it was against company policy to give gifts to realtors.
Needless to say that was the last time I seen her.

I fail to see how fall arrest training is going to benefit a home inspector. Most of the buildings we inspect do not have tye offs so what are we supposed to tye the fall arrest gear to? If you are the guy going around telling realestate
agent that they are going to be fined you should be embarrased. The contract is between the inspector and the client, the realestate agent is not a party to the contract and in no way could be held responsible for anything happening. I am not saying you are the one but your post does tend to give me that impression.

Larry - I have not said anything to any agents regarding this fall arrest. It was a Hamilton Inspector who told me the same thing that Mark Ferro wrote

"“Mr. Home Inspector from Housemasters gave a presentation at our bi-monthly meeting yesterday saying that all home inspectors MUST be safety-certified by the Ontario Construction Safety Association and MUST have fall arrest equipment and confined space entry equipment OR ELSE THE REALTORS WILL FACE FINES RANGING FROM $500 TO $250,000”

As I said before - I have 4 guys that work for me and I want them trained to be as safe as possible. I know you cannot tie off on a shingled roof unless there are safety straps left behind from the builder. But some people do not know how to properly set up a ladder. Our office does commercial inspections and we are on many multi level roofs too.

Good luck

I can instruct your guys how to safely set up a ladder in about 5 minutes at a cost of about 0$. Just send them up to me in Brantford and I will be glad to show them the instructions on safely setting up a ladder that are on every ladder sold in the last 20 years or so.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about safety when it’s my *** that is on the line 30’ in the air. I just don’t see the justification for spending money on something that has no bearing on what I do what so ever. Just to have a certificate, of which I have 5 or 6 at last count, I don’t think so.

Larry and allen This thread is about kick backs not H & O regs and fines.

Vern I believe that the realtor that told me about this HI was looking for some kind of kick back from me and he is not going to get one.I believe the bylaws were put in place for good reason and I will follow them,it’s just too bad others will not.

Hi Rob, you are right and do stick to your guns!!!

It’s O.K. to buy the agent a coffee but if they ask me for a kick back then they can kiss my a$$.I know we need these guys but I would much rather stick with the ethical ones!!!

Regarding kick backs “referral gifts”, unethical!

Realtors seem to look for it and expect it. I’ve lost many realtors because of this fact and for being “too nit picky”. WOW! I thought I was providing a service for the home buyer.

Realtors have always been a royal pain, selfish and protective of their commission. It has not changed in the past 30 years of my experience with them.

It is surely difficult to find a substantial number of geniune ethical realtors in relation to the HI industry.

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