Kick-out flashing- designed by a roofer

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This Dryflekt kick-out flashing is made to fit and work with all claddings. With all the miss placement problems and ineffective diverters, the roofers like this engineered flashing because it is the same installation every time no matter who puts it on. At $9.99 it don’t pay to use anything else. The repair contractors say it is the only product that works because it is angled right and no question of were it is to be placed. NACHI and other Inspection firms reports say that ineffective and misplaced kick-out flashings are one of the leading causes of water intrusion. This is the one product that can have every roofer and repair contractor install the same correct flashing every time. Check out Inspectors keep up the good work for it is your reports, conclusions, education, that is informing our Industry. With that and new technology we will produce a better quality of living standards for our home owners.