Kickout Flashing

Would you report the lack of kickout flashing as a defect?


Got Pic?

Defect? No. An area that needs extra protection since most of the time this is prone to slow leaks and damage over a long time. Recommend and give reason why its a smart choice

Usually, it depends though. Diverter flashing for vinyl siding works too.

Depends upon location of the end of the gutter. Sometimes the ends are under eaves, and not a concern. Sides of chimney and flat siding, another story. All you can do, and that of any other concern, is note it, and let the buyer decide.

Most of the time yes … Stucco, Hardi Board, EIFS, etc. BUT i’m only saying yes because of the many times some other inspector did not mention it on locations OR siding where it should be AND we’re doing the follow behind stick the 4x4 up his/her butt for the attorney. AND the inspector that did not report OR his insurance company ends up paying 1 way OR another (settle out of court OR lose in court).

Most mobile homes and many hip roofs … no