Kids and Fire Alarms

They dont wake them up.


Thanks for the “heads up.”

I just watched the entire video… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

No wonder so many children die in fires.

Once the “voice activated” alarms come out I will be recommending them to my clients.

Amazing. So much for that old…“Quiet! you’ll wake the baby.”

I believe the Today show ran a similar story today . . .

Amazing, but if I heard right, this home was not properly equiped, I believe they only had one smoke detector . . . will try and listen again later when I have more time

Depends on the kid too. My 11 yo could sleep through on on his pillow, but my 3yo would wake up if the neighbor’s went off. Maybe the problem is that they don’t know what it is. We, parents, need to teach them that that sound is important and that if they hear it they get up.

Kevin, I do believe you are right, we do need to teach our children and as the program recommends routine fire drills and continued follow-up with youf family.