Kids Listerine Recall

WASHINGTON — Johnson & Johnson recalled a recently launched Listerine plaque-detecting rinse marketed primarily for use by children after testing revealed contamination by microorganisms.
The company’s McNeil-PPC Inc. unit recalled all 4 million bottles of Glacier Mint and Bubble Blast flavors of Listerine Agent Cool Blue plaque-detecting rinse, a spokeswoman said Wednesday. The recall covers all lots sold or distributed since the product’s launch last year.
The recall does not include any other Listerine products, including traditional versions that contain alcohol, spokeswoman Meghan Marschall said. Agent Cool Blue is alcohol-free.
The company said product testing showed contamination by microorganisms despite the use of preservatives. There have been no reports of consumer health problems associated with the contamination, it said. It added the risk of illness is low, except for individuals with weakened or suppressed immune systems.
Consumers should stop using and properly discard the product. The company is offering full refunds. For more information, call 888-222-0249 or visit .


Had that sitting in my kids bathroom. This is of course after my daughter got Salmonella from the Peter Pan peanut butter…:twisted:

Our bottle was 3/4 empty. Missed out on the Peter Pan. Our jar came out of a different factory.

What happens when most of the stuff we buy is either made outside of our country or has ingredients made in some other country with no quality control whatsoever.

Try this exercise, for one week attempt to purchase everything you need to survive locally. It is almost impossible to do, globalization has fu@ked us for generations to come.