Kids with Cancer

(Preston L. Halstead, HI549) #1

Hi Everyone! Our daughter will be cutting and donating 7 inches of her hair for kids with cancer. This will be her second time donating her hair for kids with cancer. Please support her in this great deed and donate. We appreciate the support.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #2


(Preston L. Halstead, HI549) #3

Thanks Nick!

(Nathan Thornberry) #4

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(Russell J. Hensel) #5

I just added too it…to put her well over the top

(Pilar A. Halstead) #6

You guys are wonderful!! We really appreciate it : )

(Dale Duffy) #7

Done, Preston.

(Russell J. Hensel) #8

Dale that was super awesome of you!

(Bruce M. Graham, III, CMI) #9


(Preston L. Halstead, HI549) #10

Thanks Everyone!