Killed another camera today

I just cant win, I put my camera in my pocket crawled under the house and tried to use it and no go. I guess I crushed it crawling, Whats the secret ?

I use a belt clip cell phone holder.

extended warranty :wink:

about the only thing i buy a warranty on anymore :smiley:

Last week in Michigan the Humidity killed my camera. It started to arch then shorted out. Lesson #1, give your camera a few minutes for its temperature to normalize and clear of condensation after taking it out of an air conditioned car into a hot humid environment. This was a freak thing that I have not experienced in the past. Anyone else experience this? Lesson #2 get a back up. I was f**ed, had no back up.:oops:

Pentax Optio with W in the model number are best for crawlspaces and all around inspections. I have not killed one yet. I bought an identical spare and never needed it so far. I push a small wheeled box around in the crawl since I carry lots of tools in there and don’t like anything in my pockets.

here is the newer version, mine is a few years older but basically the same:

I want to see a pic of your wheeled box!

I ditto that. The Optio has no external moving parts and is completely waterproof. When you come out, wash it off.

I wear coveralls with zippered pockets. I put it in my chest pocket. No problems yet.

The first on I killed was a Pentax Optio the second and third where Kodak easy share, cheap camera. I think I get dirt in them I think I will try a plastic bag next time :slight_smile:

I use the Olympus stylus tough 8000 water proof to 30 ft crush proof 250 drop 16 ft
No problems yet 6 months old, before that i was going through a lot, one every 3 months Yeah i am tough on cameras

I have the Ryobi and so far it has been great. I just do not like how bulky it is and will probably try the pentax next.

KODAK and the cheaper the better. I have several of them but the back-up cameras stay in my van unused. They are sturdy little buggers and the last one I had took over 27,000 pictures before the u.v. from the flash turned the flash window yellow and was no longer bright enough.

I keep mine in a belt clip so I can move it around on my belt depending on what I have to do. I have not broke one yet in a belt clip but I have in my pocket.

My Sony Mavica is 10 years old, and it still works fine; in crawl spaces, rain, etc. After about 30,000 pictures it is getting a little worn on the outside. Guess I may by another one sometime on ebay for $20.

How did this turn into a brand name thread.
He asked best way to carry or protect a camera and not what brand.

Don’t put it in your pocket. Use a carrying case. Hows that?

iS THAT THE ONE THAT SAVES TO A 3.5 FLOPPY? I just sold mine at a garage sale for about 20 with case.

OH Bob why would we stay on topic .

Just that we have had so many threads on camera makes.

There are three groups

  1. Buy cheap and toss …(because they always break)
  2. Get the best …(because it is your most important tool)
  3. Get the best for the money…(Because it has just enough features )

So many brands out that it all depends on what features you want if any.

I have 5 cameras and always carry at least 2 of them with extra batteries not including the cell phone.

Never broke even one though I screw one on a 28 foot pole just for roof videos.

It is a Sony .
My oldest is a Nikon Coolpix bought in 2000 that still works great though the LCD screen sure looks tiny however Dom has the exact same model and his still works also.
(you can hear the gears as it focuses)

Olympus Stylus here too. The only camera that’s lasted me more than a year. I’ve dropped it a dozen times on the cement and use it in the rain. It still works perfect.

I use a neck strap, was for my fishing clippers originally. Hang around your neck and put camera in shirt pocket. You can pull it out, take photo, stick it back in your pocket.