my wife wants a kindle for xmas. there seem to be several to choose from. anyone have one? know something about them?

One of the best sites for gadget information…

I just ordered a kindle fire for one of my kids. $199 on Amazon. Basically an i-pad for $300 less. Highly rated tablet on consumer reports. If you simply want an e-reader, you can get a less expensive kindle or a Nook. I ordered a Nook e-reader for my wife. The nook is the highest rated e-reader on consumer reports.

Robert - i have a kindle and an iPad. And the Kindle Fire that i ordered for my girlfriend for Christmas just came to my desk an hour ago.

Based on what I’ve read on the Fire, you can’t go wrong. It’s a scaled down iPad but serves a different purpose for the most part. I always read on the Kindle because I like that better. I think the Fire is a cool hybrid because you have books, magazines, and also movies.

So, if you’re buying a Kindle, I’d suggest going with the Fire…

The Amazon Kindle Fire hands down the best
My wife has one and LOVES IT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
Music, Books, Movies and WiFi
Big Bang for the buck, Target has it also for $199

I just bought one for my wife a few days ago, and after doing some research on it, I choose to buy the Nook Tablet, it has more capacity, an 1" bigger and has an SD card for extra memory to 16 gig.
Here is a picture and comparison chart.
The Nook Tablet is $249, but I think it is worth the extra cost.



It appears the screens are the exact same size. The capacity space is a nice luxury though.

I think I’m partial to the Fire because I’m used to the original Kindle…

I think they are both nice products. If it keeps my wife off my computer, I have succeeded. :mrgreen:

PRECISELY! I need my iPad to be MY iPad!

This should be a good distraction…

199 at Office MAX with a 15 dollar gift card , Add you discount from Nachi

I got my wife a nook last year and she loves it. Not many like the old style kindle with the lame monochrome liquid ink crap screen that flashes on every page turn. The fire is kindles first venture to color.

For that reason I suggest the nook tablet. They are on the next generation and they will likely fix whatever issues they had with the first one. My wife has no issues with the first gen nook.

Try the Nook Tablet they have more experience than kindle.

My wife bought the Nook last year, loves it. She insisted on me having one too so this past summer she bought me one against my desire to wait a little while. Sure enough they just came out with the Nook Tablet that does all the Nook does plus much more for the same price. The woman never listens to me! Barnes and Nobles has something like 9 million books on NookBooks, and adding all the time, plus magazines, music, Apps, games, a whole lot of other stuff I don’t need but I always say get the most bang for the buck. I have to admit, it is nice being to go someplace and only having to carry one small item that you can literally load thousands of book onto. I like history and technical crap and there are plenty of books to chose from. They also have what they call “Free Friday”; every friday they give away a free book and there are many good titles that only cost a dollar and up. I like the backlit screen, the color screen and auto flip to if you want you can read it sideways or horizontally. I can connect to my office WiFi and browse their library and download anything in a matter of seconds and be reading it. Pretty cool. The new tablet of course allows emails, etc.

That is why I bought that one Doug, for the email and 32 gb capacity.
I think she will like it.
I should get it next week and give it to her. Hell, I’ll just buy her something else for Christmas.
Christmas is 365 days a year for the commander anyways, right?:mrgreen::wink:

Marcel, same here. I knew it was just a matter of time before they would turn it into a tablet with all the bells and whistles. I do hear however from the Nook nerd at B and N there is going to be a software update soon to basically turn the Nook Color into the tablet but with less memory. You can add memory with the SD micro but it is a great little gadget. Your wife will love it if she is a reader. Mine reads all the time. The Nook eliminates the need for the lamp if reading in bed so those of us to like to sleep can get some shuteye. You can always get her a nice gift card from B and N for the Nook cover of her choice as “one” of her Christmas gifts. And yes, the Admiral has a long Christmas period, birthday, anniversary, ground hog day, etc. to accumulate gifts. When I say she bought the Nook for herself, I actually went and bought it for her for Christmas last year but she “hinted” numerous times she wanted one.

And if you’re from Canada, you can buy online at link below:

Delivery is $25.74.

Available through Barne’s and Noble direct or Best Buy around here. :slight_smile:

B&N doesn’t deliver to Canada and don’t carry that make/model…

Anyway, my wife’s Xmass present is on its way and thanks for a great idea!

Awesome, Thanks Nick

My eye doctor said if you use your kindle for reading a lot of novels don’t get one that is back lit.