Kingston Cahpi Ontario Training Session


On Saturday Morning, November 24th the Kingston Committee welcomes " ALL
HI’s " to a quality training meeting. The speakers are;
Shaun McFie; Master Electrician and director of the Electrical Contractors
Assn. Shawn will be speaking on old wiring systems and panel defects. Shaun
owns one of the largest electrical firms in Kingston.
Oscar Warren; Regional Investigator for the TSSA. Oscar will be speaking on
how the TSSA regulations apply to oil and gas installations and a general
outline as to how they investigate complaints.
John McEwan; Former owner of Eastern Ontario Foundations and author the the
CMHC booklet on block foundations. John will be speaking on water and block
basements, including drainage and block problems.

9;00-10;00- Shaun McFie
10;00-1015 coffee break
10;15 to 11;15- Oscar Warren
11;15-11;30 coffee break
11;30 to 12;30 John McEwan

Each speaker is preparing a half hour-45 minute talk and then we will
answer quesitons. We have designed this as a “round table” type of open
format so eveyone is comfortable to ask questions and can benefit from the
speakers knowledge. This will count as three education credits for CAHPI
Members. I would expect that ASHI & NACHI will also recognize this for

The meeting will be held at the Ambassador Hotel on Princess Street in
Kingston. If you are coming from out of town take the Sydenham Road Exit
south to Princess Street. Turn left and the Hotel is on the right just over
the train overpass. We are meeting in the Toronto Room on the second floor.
There will be a continental breakfast served at 8;30.
In order to have a record of education credits preprinted so you can
take it with you, please confirm your attendance by e-mail to me at;… remember… THIS IS AN OPEN MEETING FOR
ALL HI’s …I will see the coffee is ready!

Cam Allen


I think it would behoove Cam Allen to post his messages here, he has a lot to offer and besides he doesn’t have to be a member to post.

This is just one more example of how Bill feels the NACHI site is so important to this industry.
I guess he can not get to very many home inspectors by using his own closed Canuk site .
I wonder why Bill and Claude closed down the CAHPI BB .
This could of been great for those Canadian Home inspectors who are not allowed to voice their true thoughts on the OAHI CAFE or Bill’s CANUK BB.

Just more Soap Opera Antics buy the NCA Leaders that has continued for a bout 18 months and still they refuse to tell the truth or give much information.

… Cookie


I was asked by Cam to post this message on the various forums, not just here. I have done as I have been asked, so quit trying to twist it in your usual maniacal manner.

Good grief, Roy, at least when someone tries to post helpful stuff could you not leave your hatred in its holster?

Bill Mullen


I think it would behoove Cam to post his own info. I notice the Freudian slip in your post. Kingston CAHPI. Since when did the Kingston group split from Kingston OAHI? Does OAHI know their name has been dropped from the Kingston group?


Bill it is so unfortunate you have so many problems .
It is you who is trying to convice others I am bad and you are good .
No matter how many times you try to tell people I have hatred and I lie,
is shows it is you who have these problems and wish to try and hide this information from others .
I Thank you for continuing showing that you just might be a little unstable .
It is you who keeps confirming your short comings .
I wish you all the best and please remember to take you pills before comming unto the NACHI site …
… Cookie

Raymond you do not know how close you could be to the truth Bill posted the other day there are two other new associations in Ontario one about 30 members and another about 150 .
I wonder did he give this information above on purpose?
Off for the Morning to do my one Hour Radio Show and to ell all the listeners in Kingston How Great NACHI is and how well it is growing.


… Cookie

Interesting how the speakers make their presentation and then “we” answer questions. EGO, EGO, EGO! :mrgreen:

Ray, it is obvious why Cam Allen doesn’t post personally. He might have to answer some very interesting questions if he came here.


I see you edited your original post and put OAHI in the title. Thank you. (KINGSTON OAHI / CAHPI ONTARIO TRAINING SESSION)

I think it would behoove you to post the same message on the OAHI Canuck forum. I know that the members would also like to partake in educational courses. Be sure when you post it on the Canuck list you leave Cam’s name at the bottom of the announcement. :wink:

Thanks Bill,

Yes, Cam forgot to insert ‘OAHI’ before CAHPI Ontario so I have changed it after being requested to do so. I agreed on condition that all future pronouncements out of OAHI/CAHPI Ontario will include CAHPI Ontario and not just show OAHI. Tit for tat.

First, I should correct your slip there calling it the ‘OAHI Canuck’ forum. The message has been on the Canuck Forum since last night with Cam’s name. I understood someone else was going to post it to the OAHI Cafe but if they haven’t I will certainly and I will leave Cam’s name inatct.

Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill.

Typo on my part I didn’t mean to say Canuck I meant OAHI Cafe. Thanks for picking up on that.

I know OAHI pulled previous posts that Cam had you place on the CAFE and they were deleted and no back ups exist (how convienent eh). I hope OAHI doesn’t do that again, you know how they feel about Cam. Sorry I mean how the board feels about Cam, not how the membership feels about Cam. :wink:

It’s now posted on the OAHI cafe and I have lots of backup.
Bill Mullen

Thanks Bill.

For a positive experience go to

**There will be a $50 (gst) admission fee for non members (CAHPI/OAHI) to attend this educational event. **

Did not say that on the invite that I read when did this come about .
… Cookie

Thats the word from OAHI. No free rides.

I think Bill said OAHI would not be able to stop the SW from Giving free to all meeetings ? .
… Cookie

But probably not free either!


I have it on very good authority that the Kingston CAHPI meeting on November 24, will be free. Contrary to the recent announcement from OAHI on this subject.

Thats right free to those who wish to attend. Even non members are welcome to attend.