Kingston Meeting September 10th


 I would like to advise everyone that has not been contacted by direct e-mail that this meeting has been moved to Saturday September 29th 2007. This will be a Luncheon Meeting at Minos Restaurant on Princess Street in Kingston. A buffet is being planned for 12;00 Noon and our speakers will address everyone in attendance at 1;00 PM. This has been changed for a couple of reasons. Claude Laurenson is not able to get away from St Clair College on an evening this early in the term. Bill Mullen has a family function that requires his time. I have had a number of HI's who are some distance away ask if the meeting could be earlier in the day on Monday. We felt that a Saturday Luncheon Meeting gives everyone some time to schedule and not be driving late into the night. 
 If you would like to be included on our e-mail list for updates on this meeting, please send me an e-mail at  This is your opportunity to ask the direct questions to Claude who now leads the national program and Bill who is the past Coordinator.  Your only cost is your buffet lunch at 12.95, a group of like-minded HI's are sponsoring this event so that everyone can get the opportunity to form his or her own opinion.  Please join us, meet old friends and maybe listen to other points of view and hope we can add you to the list of CAHPI National Members who believe in a "Made in Canada" solution. This is a CAHPI National Meeting, not an OAHI meeting and all are welcome. 

Thank You
Cam Allen
(as a service and no coments by me)
I was asked By Cam to post this …Cookie

"Made in Canada" solution"

What’s with these guys? Can’t they hold a simple meeting without bashing NACHI either overtly or covertly? Pretty much says it all.

Its more like a “Made in Sarnia” solution! :mrgreen:

Mr. Lloyd has not sanctioned this meeting. Anyone who attends from OAHI will be photographed, and fingerprinted, and removed from the Membership Registry as surely as Mr. Allen was removed contrary to the bylaws from the Board of Directors! :mrgreen: :shock: :wink:

This meeting should be very interesting .
Two of the biggest hypocrites that post on this BB will be there .
Claude Lawrenson
and Bill Mullen .
These people do nothing but try and destroy NACHI and convince they and their secret group should have control of the Home inspection Industry.
They will lie and cheat to try and show people how good they are .
I also expect Gil Strachan will also be there He is another who has done his best to destroy NACHI and me.
Gil has posted more incorrect Information on the NACHI site then I thought was possible.
He is the guy who tried to scoop NACHI out of many advertising Dollars.
I wish Cam all the best but if he has these Goons on his side I am sorry for him
This to me is just more trying to show how great it would be if we allow this type of person to control our industry.

Remember Whistler

Bill has a big announcement comming soon

NACHI the only home of free speech and true information can be posted

Yes - I will be there and I will answer questions. I will be there on my own efforts and at my own cost on behalf of the NCA. I am not there to represent CAHPI or OAHI or matter of fact NACHI.

A number of NACHI and OAHI members have privately emailed me and indicated that they plan on attending and I look forward to meeting and talking to them.

Equally, I thank Cam and his working group for organizing and providing this opportunity to talk about the NCA and what it takes to become a national certificate holder. I will also update attendees of the work and recent accomplishments that are taking place. A similar venue will be offered at the CAHPI Conference with a round table discussion with the management consultants and the chairs of the NCC, NAC and NCA.

I offer the same opportunity to any Ontario NACHI or OAHI group, with the caveat that it fits into my teaching/work schedule. Afterall, I am doing this on a voluntary level.

Respectfully - no people, animals, or other critters or other organizations were harmed by posting this message.

Gee thats nice to hear that you will be paying your own way .
I have driven many thousands of miles and taken time of from my inspections on behalf of the various associations at my own cost.
I expect many other inspectors have paid there own way to help so many so often.
I too hope to be at the meeting to see if any information is finally given out on the National Certification.
Its been a long dry period of questions asked and no information.
Thanks for doing this Claude at last we might told some thing.
Knowing Cam I expect this will be a good meeting.
… Cookie

huh? :-k

Caught that too eh Paul?

“You will be instructed on how to form your own opinion! ‘Like minded Inspectors’ will be available to help you arrive at the approved opinion.”
(sounds like the whole Global Warming argument doesn’t it?!)

Looks like CAHPI-National really needs Nachi members. Looks like they need OAHI members too, given that the invite is to OAHI members as well. I guess that explains as I have alluded that CAHPI-OAHI has not been forthcoming to its own members with information. Given the internal turf wars and statements about Nachi by Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Mullen what is a face to face meeting going to do?

Mr. Mullen and Mr. Lloyd claim I am a liar, but I have yet to see them post any information which would confirm that I am a liar. On the contrary if it was not for me no one would know as little as they do. I hope the information and literature is more forthcoming than the meager crumbs they have provided thus far.

Ray, your problem is that you have not spent enough time in a room with “like minded” inspectors who would have helped you accept and assimilate. Resistance is futile!

You mean the made in Sarnia solution. :wink:

I am still waiting for the like minded bull**** liar Bill Mullen to provide proof that I and Roy have been spreading lies. I guess Mr. Guihan won’t be at the meeting but the usual suspects trying to sell their program on the unwilling. I would even go so far as to say the meeting will not have many people show up.

Thanks for posting that, Roy.

We sincerely hope that people from all associations or from none will attend. It’s another opportunity to get answers to your questions and hear some of the most recent news.

One comment I should make, however, about the original notice. (And I’m not blaming you, Roy) I have high-lighted one sentence above. The meeting is actually NOT a CAHPI National meeting. It is sponsored by individuals who want to see the program succeed, but they have not asked for or received the blessing of CAHPI National.
The purpose is to provide information about the program from two of the most experienced people in the program and to hear from several others who have gone through the process and are now National Certificate Holders.

This meeting is one of several planned for across the country.

Bill Mullen

Thanks for the upgrade Mr .Mullen
(" It’s another opportunity to get answers to your questions and hear some of the most recent news. “)
Why should you tell us it is another opportunity to get answers to our questions we have not had answers to most of our previous questions .
We then get from the new Chair I am sorry I have signed a
(“No communication, no sharing - no advantage to grow. No dialog to share to find some common ground. Yes, its about co-operation and affiliation “)
(” As stated earlier - if we learned to co-operate more - we could learn to understand our commonalities and find benefits in them, and maybe we can also learn to accept the differences. Thats called freedom of choice”)
(” Thanks, but I will not answer “official” questions on behalf of CAHPI or OAHI. Like you, and others we all have various opinions. There are other spokespersons that handle those jurisdictions. So do not expect me to respond for them.
QUOTES from Claude
You again confirm what has been said many times the The NACHI Bulletin Board .
(” The meeting is actually NOT a CAHPI National meeting. It is sponsored by individuals who want to see the program succeed, ")

This Not CAHPI pushing the National Certification ,it is you and a few of the secret society who want and need the National Certification .
The pole on the NACHI site confirms what has been said mant times by many members of OAHI,CAHPI, NACHI and many none aliened home inspectors .

12 31.58% No

26 68.42

Over two to one do not think it is a good idea.

It is so sad and undignified to see Mr. Mullen continue to try and feed us more Baloney on the national Certification .
(" As far diplomacy - that starts with Nick, or John not Roy as an official spokesperson. Did Nick or John contact the President of OAHI -Tom or the President of CAHPI-National -Mike and invite them to the NACHI conference? Certainly you gave it a good shot. But do you really think they would participate after seeing and hearing all the “stuff” that was posted about them on this forum? That is why I am questioning the sincerity or real desire to speak to NACHI people in Canada about National Certification Program, because as usual it too has met the same type of rhetoric about the program along with a flurry of personal attacks. Why should one keep beating their head against the wall? I know - and I won’t give up because some members email me and really do care! ") The above is Quote from Claude.
But Bill said basically the same thing about me .
Now I ask Claude and Bill why would you make any statements or post an openion it is for the Head of CAHPI to do this according to you and Claude.

Claude notes - as a point once again for clarification:

As NCA Chair - I do not represent CAHPI - NATIONAL or OAHI/CAHPI-Ontario. Those questions need to be directed elsewhere because I do not sit on the CAHPI National Board of Directors or have a vote in matters directed at them.

Likewise - even as a member of OAHI - I do not sit on the Board of Directors or have a vote at that table either. I tried - but was denied - but life goes on. So why should I feel responsible to respond or answer for them?

I will answer questions if asked in a fair and reasonable manner - but as usual - when you don’t like the response - its met with tirade of the same old same old.

Even when you do get answers - some refuse to accept the answer. I am not here to debate, or to take personal attacks, or abuse in a public forum. I do not like to be defamed any more than you would - just because some feel that they have privledge of “freedom of speech” - does not make it a professional manner of dealing with the issue.

All I know its a matter of time before some of the desparaging remarks about others causes a lawsuit. Not by me - but by a group sitting and watching - and ready to seize the moment. Yes words can be used against you - for discipline - or even for legal action.

So it is not my job to act as the spokesperson for CAHPI or OAHI. Others hold that position - you know who they are. So ask the powers that control and manage those bodies - not me!

Next allegations are dime a dozen - when and if the allegations that are continually aired about the breaches of conduct by the named associations and parties are dealt with in a fair and open manner - rather than through a “kagaroo court” - these matters will be a matter of record. Than and only than will the real facts prevail - be it good, or be it bad. Until that judgement day its just a huge waste of time and web space. I must at least give credit that it certainly has entertained many and helped boost the hits on the NACHI website.

Hey I agree that there are issues left unresolved - but until I see matters fair and impartially investigated - its still that - possible - but still deemed an allegation.

Lastly - I agreed to go to a “meeting in Kingston” to talk about the National Certification Program - full stop - period. I hope any interested person that wants to learn more attends - it is sponsored by individuals who want to see the program succeed.

If I may ask Bill, who are those two most experienced people that we haven’t heard of before?

Kangaroo Court? That is exactly what OAHI did with me and is doing to me by denying what they are obligated to provide which is due process! I can more than prove what I have alleged. On the other hand a self regulating body has and is in breach of its obligations. It also has a great deal of explaining to do about the irregularites of the financial affairs.

Claude you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Mr. Lloyds hijacking of the bylaws with the assistance of the directors speaks volumes about corruption and ignorance. But we are all to familiar with the ignorance of the leadership which you seem to consistently to support.

Kangaroo court indeed!


Better still where is the President of this so called great organization? They keep sending rookies to sell a program that neither of these two individuals has a seat on!

Pray tell who appointed you to your position? You weren’t elected.

Thanks Raymond that is true - and I do not deny it! How’s that for a straight answer?

An election will take place within months. Didn’t NACHI and a lot of other association bodies start in a similar fashion? It seems it’s the chicken or the egg phenomenon!


This has been nothing but a bunch of buddies electing and appointing each other. Look no further than the bunch of appointees by the BOD of OAHI to CAHPI. Those positions should have been filled by open elections. You have to look no further than the big cheese Mr. Lloyd from Ontario now negligently operating as Secretary of CAHPI, on the NCA body, Cert. Holder and President of OAHI.

Screw the elections, its nothing but a self regulating body made up of voluntary membership run by hoodlums.