Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Kitchen exhaust fan and light does not have a liner in the area around it. Exposed wood and drywall. Should a metal or steel liner have been built in this area to keep it from being covered with grease when cooking?



I do not have a good look in the picture , though I could add contrast , but I am guessing that the cabinet forms a scoop around the range hood.

Will it get more greasy?
Because more grease is being channeled into that area.

I do not know how close to the stove it all is.

May not be an actual defect , but may be worth mentioning in the report.

Realize that cabinets are built over stoves all the time.

I would state if it was mine, I would want it lined with stainless steel, simple as that, because it would make sense.

I do not know what the manufacturers specifications are for installation, but it would only make sense to have it lined with something easy to clean which grease would not embed in.

If it was a commercial application it would be all stainless lined.

Hi to all,

that appears to be a very poorly built “custom range canopy” frankly I have never seen it done quite like that, looks like they used whatever was on hand.

IMO the canopy should have been built with laminated ply which offers some protection from steam moisture and is easily wiped clean, also I have never seen a blower mounted on the surface like that, they are normally flush fitted into the lower panel.

We had a custom kitchen company for years and we wouldn’t have built one that shoddy.

It should look something like this from below:



Are you using common sense?
I thought everything we did had to be a building code requirement!:wink:



Thanks everybody! Dale I appreciate it that is what i thought. Thanks again!

You too Gerry!