Kitchen GFCI

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I was reading a post last night about this and just thought that I would try to clear it up. Ranges, refridgerators and any other appliance installed in a dedicated space in a kit don’t need to be GFCI protected. this is per the 2005 NEC GFCI required (6) Kitchens ? where the receptacles are installed to serve he countertop surfaces. Now you have to go to a different article to find out what there considering a coutertop surface 210-52.c.5 states (5) Receptacle Outlet Location. Receptacle outlets shall

be located above, but not more than 500 mm (20 in.) above,

the countertop. Receptacle outlets rendered not readily accessible

by appliances fastened in place, appliance garages,

sinks, or rangetops as covered in 210.52©(1), Exception,

or appliances occupying dedicated space shall not be considered

as these required outlets.