Kitchen Range Vent ?

OK maybe silly question but I must admit I do not know. This range vent has a vent on the left and right side. Ok so I got that covered. It does operate, ok I got that covered. However I could not find a exterior vent and nowhere did I see like a vent to show it recirculates. So I did not open my mouth however do these things sometimes vent from left to right or vise versa if they only recirculate? Otherwise I would assume these are both intakes and I am gonna call it out as “I could not find a vent to the exterior and to inquire with the current owner and if it can not be determined to have a professional evaluate to determine the range hood is installed according to manufacturer guidelines.”






They have internal squirl cage fans that can be rotated and sometimes they are not turned the proper direction.
Simply mark it as unvented and move on.
Unless it goes to the exterior it is nothing but a heat and splatter shield.please stop using recirculation because it is a bogus RE term making it sound important…:slight_smile:


You need to put your Sherlock Holmes hat on…:wink:

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In this case, I would use my smoke pen to see where the air is moving.

… or a simple piece of tissue.