Kitchen sink lighting

Is a light above a kitchen sink a requirement(NEC)?
First time I’ve not seen one installed.

Thanks in advance.


I didn’t find code in the nec requiring over sink lighting, but has recomendations for lighting

No, there is no specific requirement in the NEC for a light above the sink.

Code or not I still include the fact in my report.

I don’t have a light over my sink. Not really an issue for me.

I don’t have one either! It must be an American thing. My sink is on the south side of the home with a big window so that might be the reason why.

Lighting above the sink and/or under the counter would all fall under the heading Task Lighting. In some circumstances, they are not required due to the adequate lighting provided at the ceiling area adjacent to the sink area.
I have one, but hardly use it, unless a certain task requires the additional lighting.

That generally applies to Commercial and Hospitals.
Can you provide the training link Marcel for TASK LIGHTING as I have not seen it for some time?

Training Marcel was provided through CE’s but I can’t find the info.

I hope you guys are inspecting the halogen wiring .
It can be a very big issue finding 110 going through holes in the cabinets or transformers buried in walls.

Never heard of code requirements for residential sink lights in my life.

Neither have I Bob.


Agreed Bob and I had this same issue not more than 3 weeks back.

The trick with our older eyes is to take a picture of a bulb socket on the puck as it shows you if bulbs are 12v or 110v so you know if there is a transformer.

The only area I saw it required was in California on new construction or remodels. It was part of their state energy code requirements. This was 2004. The fixture had to be a dedicated hard wired low energy light fixture (not regular plug with curly bulbs). It had to be wired to the first switch to the side of the door.