Kitchen Sink Tie-Downs

Another first for me. Brand new construction. The kitchen sinks are held in place with nylon tie-downs. Or in this case, I guess they’re tie-“ups.”





Jeff is it a granite counter top? I see a lot of new counter tops where the sink is glued and there are temp supports (usually 1x2 boards) holding it up until the glue dries…this looks like a new and improved version.

Sounds like a new invention.

The present invention relates to straps and more particularly to straps used to hold sinks in place during and after the installation of the sink. The invention comprises a strap with attachment devices and a locking device that allows for the adjustment of the strap when the attachment devices are attached to hooks located along the edges of an opening cut for a sink. When the sink is installed into place, an end of each strap is adjusted and locked into place by the locking device.

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Yes. These straps are intended to be “permanent.” The adjustment mechanism have been sealed with stickers as you see in the original post. The sinks are “glued” in place (with silicone) and the straps are left in place as part of the permanent installation.

I get it. I just haven’t seen it before.

I think it looks like a better solution than the wood strips epoxied in place that I see all the time!

I’ve never seen one like this before either. It looks like a slick system and a great improvement over what most installers use.

never saw it

Jeff, was the sink secured well in the opening?

What price range was the house and where?

Were the straps subject to being in the way and having under sink items caught on them?

Santa Clarita CA (N Los Angeles County) $890K. Model home for a tract of homes built in 2010 and 2011.

The sink was well secured and the straps were not obstructive. I’ve done a few other inspections in that same tract and haven’t seen this method before.

Thanks for sharing Jeff, I do a fair share of new upscale home inspections and I have not seen this method yet. I am going to inquire with a good plumber friend of mine as well as a custom granite counter top maker, maybe I can get some more insight.