Kitec Pipe & Fittings

Hi Anyone have a good narrative for reporting Kitec Pipe & Fittings they are willing to share.


I don’t have a narrative (because I’ve never encountered this system), but it’s the fittings that fail, not the piping.

The brass fittings must be replaced. Dezincification of the Kitec brass fittings is imminent and it’s simply a matter of time for the Kitec plumbing system to fail.

I realize that it’s just the fittings, but from all the informaton I have been able to find is that you cannot just replace the fittings because Kitec has metric diameters. If you have Kitec in the home the entire house must be re-piped is my understanding. I would love to have info on fitting replacement only if that’s possible.


Read the summary at the bottom of here and go from there. From the article, it seems pretty obvious to defer to a plumber who’s familiar with these ftgs.