Kitec Plumbing

I have just completed an inspection of a home that has Kitec piping.
The fittings are in good condition and there are no signs of corrosion.
I have read all there is about it and there are claim forms that home owners can submit if their home has this piping. My concern is that the class action lawsuit provided only a certain amount of money. What happens when all the money is gone and you then experience problems with your system. I have made my client aware of the possible problems, BUT, what should I report/tell my clients to put their mind at ease and lessen my liability in the future??
There doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem with this in the area I live in
( South Western/Central Ontario Canada)
Comments anyone??

You did your job, you found the Kitec, now refer it for further evaluation from a licensed plumbing contractor. The family physician doesn’t perform the heart surgery, he refers it to the heart surgeon.

Ditto - but it wasn’t the pipe it was the connectors. Refer it out,.