Kitten-make a kids Summer

My wife brought home another darn kitten yesterday and I am fixing her up. I already bathed her and getting her up to weight and rehydrated. She may have been stuck in that tree at Quarterdeck for some time but she will be fine and is so cute. She is a real sweetheart about 8 weeks old I would say. Going to the vet today to get checked out but I cannot keep anymore. I was weaning 3 since Easter and one did not make it :frowning: so instead of keeping one I let the Girls of the house keep 2 but I CANNOT keep 3. I will even bring it to you if you are close enough. I can email pictures or videos to anyone interested. She already plays :slight_smile:

You must never have heard of the three cat theory…:slight_smile:

Samantha, Shadow, and Sophia…

You can always use it as bait for those blue crabs you are looking for.

At this moment there are 6 3 adults 2 sister kittens and female kitten.

The last one was in real bad shape and full of parasites but I fixed her up :slight_smile: for her :frowning: sry for me.


I knew you were going there :slight_smile:

Min 7 in trap as of yesterday and I threw them an iguana and 6 in buckets. I MAY eat them tomight.