Kitty Genovese Redux

My sons, Seán and Tadhg, went to the Oasis concert at Madison Square Garden last night. After the concert was over, my sons saw this woman being beaten by this man. The man was black, the woman was a Korean national.

The woman was bleeding from her head. Absolutely no one made a move to help her. Seán ran to get the Transit Police and then he and Tadhg stayed with the woman until help arrived.

I had taught him a few Korean expressions: Anyong hashipnika, idi wa, tu shipshio, etcetera. That seemed to calm the woman.

How many folks were at that concert? Two responded? WTF?

We are picking Tadhg up tomorrow from Fordham. Seán went up tonight. He’s going to call area hospitals to check on the woman.

Glad your sons got involved many wont My hat is off to them. Be proud you raised right . it is a lot easier to walk away

You raised some good Boys Joe, well done. :smiley:

Good for them Joe. BTW, how do you pronounce Tadhg, never heard that name before?

It takes a real man to do what your sons did Joe. Good parenting!


Your boys are a class act. Tell them we are proud.

In Dallas, the other day, two men tried to rob an old guy’s car so he pullled out his gun and shot one of the robbers to death. The other robber got away while the old man fired at his get away car. The Police did not arrest the old man because he did not break any laws in Texas.

This is how it should be.

Several years ago, a young man who weighed about 140 pounds was attacked by one of these gorillas that we cultivate hereabouts. The gorilla, who had about 100 pounds on the kid, was kicking the stuffing out of him. The kid was packing, however.

He was hoping against hope that he would get to his gun before the gorilla did. He killed the guy. But he sustained a serious beating. At the hospital, a reporter asked him why he had a gun on him.

A: “Why have a fire extinguisher?”

The DA took about a nanosecond before declaring it a justifiable homicide.

Tadhg is pronounced the same way it is spelled. LOL.

In Ireland, it is generally pronounced like the first syllable of TIGER. In Donegal, whence my father hales, it is pronounced to rhyme with HAIG. That’s how we pronounce it.